Home to the Coast

Thursday April 19th

Today was a full day on the road from Corning CA to Bandon. It was smooth sailing and nice weather for the drive to the coast. We had a moment of excitement when the guy towing a pull trailer in front of us had a blow out but other than that, a good trip.5456707

Our friends in Bandon offered up their lovely place for us to stay while they are away. So we pulled Lucky into their driveway and made ourselves at home. The view from our front door is amazing! 

I’m anxious to have the repairs done on the wind damaged truck door and restock and rearrange for the fishing season, so I can  spend some quality time with my girlfriends! We have some catchin’ up to do! So Ill be back on the blog at the end of our stay. We head out on Monday the 30th bright and early!


Old Friends!

Wednesday April 18th, 2018
This morning we headed north toward our next destination in Corning Calif. We have friends, Toni Marie and Scott in Manteca, so we gave it a shot and got lucky! We haven’t seen them in about 3 years so we had a chance to see their beautiful new home and visit over a tasty Mexican lunch, definitely a bonus! It would have been nice to have a bit longer but we needed to reach our next stop at the Travelers RV at  Rolling Casino in Corning by dark o’clock. The RV Park there is really nice. I’m glad we had a reservation – it was full! We settled in and spent an hour or so at the casino. No great wins but I did find some fun new machines. It was early to bed though, tomorrow we will have a full day on the road.


Movin’ Along

Tuesday April 17th 2018
It’s a travel day today. We headed from Barstow, Californa to Merced, California.
We stayed just outside of town at the Elks RV Park. We had just enough time before dark for a quick Costco dinner and fuel stop. We will be back on the road in the morning.


Well This Wasn’t on the Agenda

Monday April 16th,2018
We took our time checking out – it was nice having some extra space
to relax in. After a quick breakfast we were back on the road. The day started out great but when we were within 30 miles of the Barstow California KOA Resort where we were booked for the night – a huge – I mean huge, windstorm / desert sandstorm hit. At about 3:00 we pulled into the first  rest stop we came to so we could wait it out. No fun, no hook ups, hot, but wind would damage any windows we might open. Forecast – high winds, gusts to 50 mph. Until 3:00 AM!  So. . . we hung out in Lucky for a couple of hours and around 5:00 made the scary trip to Barstow. At one point JP had to pull over and check something on the trailer. At the exact moment he opened the truck door, a powerful gust snatched the door and flung it open the WRONG way. The door will close, but the spring is shot and opening it is damaging the paint of the front quarter. Yeah, and then there is the awful sound of metal grinding on metal. mer

So in our spare time we’ll be figuring out the logistics of the having the insurance appraiser look it over and the actual work getting done in-between  travel dates. JP wasn’t injured but he was mad as hell. Not every  day on the road is gonna be a good one. We hunkered down at the KOA and tried to sleep through the roar of the wind storm and the rocking trailer. Tomorrow is another day! Net stop Merced Ca.


A Little Get Away On the Road

Sunday April 15th
We moved on from Quartsite to Blue Water Casino only an hours drive away. They made our reservation for the NEXT Saturday. They found a room for us and upgraded it for their error (or we got lucky and that’s all they had left)!

We got there just in time for a movie $5.00 a piece – you can’t pass that up! We saw Player One. We both liked it but I can’t think of who I’d recommend it to. It’s about gaming, pop culture, and virtual reality.

movie 1A little lunch and relaxing in our room and we were ready to go again. This time we saw The Quiet Place – yeow! Talk about scary and suspenseful! Really different!movie 2

A little slot play and we called it a day.

The Two Sides of Quartsite

Saturday April 14th 2018
We said goodbye to Alamo State Park this morning. Next stop Quartsite a couple of hours west. Quartsite has a population of 3,677. Not a big place but it’s the destination of a million visitors each year and most of them come in RV’s during January and February. The rock hounds and early snow birds flock here for the weather and the 2,000 vendors of rocks, gems, minerals, fossils and whatever! The world’s largest open air flea markets right there in Quartzsite. Evidently its the place to be the first 2 months of the year!

Quartsite Jan

By April though – not much going on here. The Quail Run RV Resort where we stayed for the night only had a handful of guests. The town is at the end of their season and seemed kinda deserted. It was a little eerie. We browsed the rock/gem/jewelry/thrift combination stores to pass the day. We did see the worlds largest belt buckle – so there’s that!


We decided to find dinner in town. So off to Silly Sid’s Pizza. What a surprise! The parking lot was full, the bar and restaurant packed, the DJ way loud and a disco ball over the dance floor to boot. All that and great pizza! We scored.

JP hit it early but I had Wi-Fi and that meant I could catch up the blog. So I was up till the wee hours but glad I had great coverage to do it!

And So It Goes

Friday April 13th, 2018 

Apparently the wind situation isn’t going to improve so we spent the day getting things in order to leave a day early. JP has had allergies something fierce here and is ready for some relief! We leave tomorrow 10:00 AM. 

Its been beautiful here in that desert sort of way. I spent a lot of my time planning and writing. I read a lot too. The night skies were amazing here because it’s so far out from town or city lights. All the stars and constellations scattered across the night sky for as far as you can see. It’s often heavenly here – balmy with breeze. You can wrap yourself up in the quiet with a ceiling of stars sparking in the night sky. The sunsets and the starry skies is what I’ll remember most about our stay here (oh and the damn burros)! I’m sure we will come back again somewhere down the line.

Round 2 Wickenburg AZ

April 12, 2018
The weather wasn’t going to make fishing possible today so we decided to give Wickenburg another go. 

The town is pretty proud of their Desert Caballeros Western Museum and for good reason. For a mere $10.00 each we had a chance to learn about Wickenburg’s history by visiting the authentic exhibits with headsets on and friendly volunteers on hand to answer questions. The museum’s bottom floor had great examples of life in the 1800’s. 

There’s even a General Store where the store clerk invites you to have a seat on a crate while he (a really good hologram) shares what he hears from his customers.  Current events like women wanting to vote and the rumor that states themselves might be deciding if they were gonna be “wet or dry” state. Liquor was on its way out in Wickenburg – the women got the right to vote and booze became a bootleg operation.

Wickenburg Museum 19

We took a break and had a great lunch at Anita’s Cocina then went for round 2 at the museum. It was a short walk to a packed place with great food! 


The upstairs of the museum has an art gallery. The current exhibit is called Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half of the West.  Amazing western flavored artwork by women artists.

cg 8

There was an art gallery upstairs as well with current artwork by local artists that was pretty impressive too. Most of the artwork was thousands of dollars and the most expensive was $16,000 for a life size bronze wall sculpture of chaps.The amount of art wearing red stickers to indicate the piece had been SOLD was downright impressive! 

Between the art galleries was the history of the Cabellaros, Dude Ranches, and Rodeo. Did you know Bolo Ties were invented in Wickenburg? Me either!

Bolo TiesA gentleman named Steve Getzwiller has added his private collection to the Museum in a separate building. It included a gun collection, original
Hopi art and a combination of other cool stuff he’d accumulated since he was a young guy. My favorite was the piano from the Bird Cage Saloon in Tombstone, sitting there as though no time had passed with its 5 foot pedals instead of three, probably yearning for fingers on it’s lonely keys.

Wickenburg Museum A

There was still time for a little old town browsing so we wandered some shops and found a few more interesting sights to see. 

By the time we finished up it was ice cream o’clock and we’d been looking forward to Chappell’s for another helping of their handmade ice cream. It was a full day and a nice change of pace. We  got home in time for a much cooler evening in Alamo. Oh but the wind did howl!


Away We Go from Alamo

Tuesday April 10th and Wednesday April 11th, 2018

With Alamo in the rear view mirror we headed east for the day and drove an hour and a half to Wickenburg AZ. We were on a quest for a small fan to help circulate the air conditioning in Lucky. We hit the Goodwill for some movies and books, scored a fan at Dollar General, had Mexican lunch at Lydia’s La Canasta and then headed to old town Wickenburg. We left at 9:30 this morning so I thought we’d have plenty of time but the shops closed at 5:00. We’re going to have to make another trip to finish the old town and spend some time in the intriguing museum.

There are 16 statues in town all by the same artist but we only scoped out a few. The shops were different, very western-ish and the gals that worked in them were fun and chatty. At the Rusty Rooster the owners decided to do some remodeling and found the original wall under the plaster that once belonged to very small adjoining room that housed a family with 10 kids back in the day. Pretty amazing find!

We learned from shop talk that Wickenburg has several treatment centers. As in recovery centers (think alcohol, drug, eating disorders, sexual addiction etc). We heard Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Tiger Woods are just some of the celebs rumored to traveled here for treatment. The gals who told us about this said celebs are brought here but aren’t allowed to know that Wickenburg AZ is their destination. JP and I thought maybe blackened windows in a chauffeured limo – but hey, who knows maybe a cloth bag over their head for the long drive to point nowhere in an unknown desert miles from an anonymous town would work too. It’s private and remote so a good location to make some life changes. Never easy no matter where the location. No matter what your need – it looks like Wikenburg has it covered.

Next stop Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream & Pastries for a yummy treat on a scorching day. One last stop at Safeway for produce and we headed back home to Alamo Lake. It was fun going out and about today. The weather in Arizona is definitely getting hotter by the day though!

Wednesday AM JP tried to have a go on the lake but the wind was just too much for a human powered pontoon boat. There’s a cold snap coming (temperatures dropping down to the mid 70’s) and lots of wind in the forecast. We’ve been on some evening walks. We took a little mid-day hike but that was just a little to hot for my taste. There are hiking paths here at the Lake, You know them by the “cairns” little stacks of rocks to indicate you’re on course.



A Fishing He Did Go

Wednesday April 4th – Monday April 9th, 2018

The weather’s been clear, hot and sometimes windy. Most importantly though JP got to do some fishing! It’s been a lot of catch and release. JP can only eat so many fish dinners and we only have a small fridge freezer. So lots of catching but not a lot of keeping. He didn’t usually fish the full day. It’s really hot mid-day (and we have two weeks here, so no pressure) but he makes a trip out to the lake either in the AM or PM and once in awhile both. He’s caught Crappie, Bass, a Blue Gill and some Catfish. The wind was a challenge since he is human powered in his pontoon. He didn’t get much in the way of fish pictures since he was releasing his catch but he seemed pretty happy to be fishing and catching!

Alamo April 2018

We have mad burro here at the Lake. We’ve seen bunches of them on the hill beside us. They’re really loud even at a distance. At night when we get settled in to watch a movie we can hear burro beside the trailer door. We’d wake up to their breathing right outside the open window above our bed. Really late at night they’d get rowdy and sound off with ugly monster noises. 

Maybe they’re lonely – but more likely it’s the mating season. Maybe there are burro games, or scavenger hunts? Harmless I’m sure – but really kinda creepy! One night JP handed the lantern off to me so I could shower in the Ladies Room while he waited under the stars in the near dark. I heard a huge ruckus and when I came out he said he had just watched a burro fight (from his perch standing on top of the picnic table)! We waited and watched them huff and holler and strut around the stretch in front of us – it was crazy!

Some evenings we drove out 15 minutes or to a turnout where we could get cell coverage. There we could make some contact and watch the sunset over the Lake. It was my favorite part of the trip – gorgeous!

Campers and ATV folk came and went but the regular residents were always out and about. For the donkeys, bats, birds, rabbits, and lizards that live here, life went on as usual. We met a couple that warned us about rattlesnakes since they found one at their campsite but luckily we never saw one. This is a photo that hangs in the store at the lake. Nothing to worry about here!










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