Well This Wasn’t on the Agenda

Monday April 16th,2018
We took our time checking out – it was nice having some extra space
to relax in. After a quick breakfast we were back on the road. The day started out great but when we were within 30 miles of the Barstow California KOA Resort where we were booked for the night – a huge – I mean huge, windstorm / desert sandstorm hit. At about 3:00 we pulled into the first  rest stop we came to so we could wait it out. No fun, no hook ups, hot, but wind would damage any windows we might open. Forecast – high winds, gusts to 50 mph. Until 3:00 AM!  So. . . we hung out in Lucky for a couple of hours and around 5:00 made the scary trip to Barstow. At one point JP had to pull over and check something on the trailer. At the exact moment he opened the truck door, a powerful gust snatched the door and flung it open the WRONG way. The door will close, but the spring is shot and opening it is damaging the paint of the front quarter. Yeah, and then there is the awful sound of metal grinding on metal. mer

So in our spare time we’ll be figuring out the logistics of the having the insurance appraiser look it over and the actual work getting done in-between  travel dates. JP wasn’t injured but he was mad as hell. Not every  day on the road is gonna be a good one. We hunkered down at the KOA and tried to sleep through the roar of the wind storm and the rocking trailer. Tomorrow is another day! Net stop Merced Ca.


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