A Fishing He Did Go

Wednesday April 4th – Monday April 9th, 2018

The weather’s been clear, hot and sometimes windy. Most importantly though JP got to do some fishing! It’s been a lot of catch and release. JP can only eat so many fish dinners and we only have a small fridge freezer. So lots of catching but not a lot of keeping. He didn’t usually fish the full day. It’s really hot mid-day (and we have two weeks here, so no pressure) but he makes a trip out to the lake either in the AM or PM and once in awhile both. He’s caught Crappie, Bass, a Blue Gill and some Catfish. The wind was a challenge since he is human powered in his pontoon. He didn’t get much in the way of fish pictures since he was releasing his catch but he seemed pretty happy to be fishing and catching!

Alamo April 2018

We have mad burro here at the Lake. We’ve seen bunches of them on the hill beside us. They’re really loud even at a distance. At night when we get settled in to watch a movie we can hear burro beside the trailer door. We’d wake up to their breathing right outside the open window above our bed. Really late at night they’d get rowdy and sound off with ugly monster noises. 

Maybe they’re lonely – but more likely it’s the mating season. Maybe there are burro games, or scavenger hunts? Harmless I’m sure – but really kinda creepy! One night JP handed the lantern off to me so I could shower in the Ladies Room while he waited under the stars in the near dark. I heard a huge ruckus and when I came out he said he had just watched a burro fight (from his perch standing on top of the picnic table)! We waited and watched them huff and holler and strut around the stretch in front of us – it was crazy!

Some evenings we drove out 15 minutes or to a turnout where we could get cell coverage. There we could make some contact and watch the sunset over the Lake. It was my favorite part of the trip – gorgeous!

Campers and ATV folk came and went but the regular residents were always out and about. For the donkeys, bats, birds, rabbits, and lizards that live here, life went on as usual. We met a couple that warned us about rattlesnakes since they found one at their campsite but luckily we never saw one. This is a photo that hangs in the store at the lake. Nothing to worry about here!










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