April 26th, 2017

Oh What A Beach Day!


We somehow we ended up in just the right place to find one end of Route 66 – who knew?

We had a great day! We went to Venice Beach and rented bikes and rode the beach bike trails for about 3 hours. The weather was perfect!


We strolled through the Venice Pier and Pacific Park, then walked our bikes through the Venice Boardwalk.  It was odd and interesting as always! After a little too much sun and a hearty lunch we called it a day and headed home to relax.

April 25th, 2017

And We’re Here!

 Today both kids had the day off. We walked to Whole Foods where there is a plethora of prepared foods and hung out at home. Then off to Costco to straighten out some computer problems. It took alot more time than we anticipated but we got it figured out. Late evening dinner at Pablo’s Mexican and home to hunker down to watch the UFC fights. So happy to be here!


April 24th, 2017

And We’re Rollin’!

This morning was only the second time since we left on our trip that we woke to the sound of an alarm 😃! Up early to start our drive to Los Angeles to spend a week with the kids. We’re driving as far as Lancaster CA (4 hours) to drop Lucky at a storage unit so we can travel light (another 2 hours) to LA. We will pick Lucky up on 99 heading toward Oregon.

So excited to see the kids!

April 21st- 23rd

Lazy Days  . . .


This is the view I’ve been enjoying from the lounge chair at the pool every day. Oh I’m gonna miss it!

I’m  thinkin’ the hot weather, pool and Laughlin made Bullhead City the best place we could have picked for our only 2 week stay in Lucky. It made desert living fun!


April 20th, 2017

April 19th, 2017

April 18th, 2017

April 16th & 17th

We stuck around the RV park and did some work on Lucky. He needed some sprucing up from previous life in Oregon so we made hay while the sun was shining! He looks much happier after some sanding and painting on his metal parts. Every day still includes clear skies, warm weather and pool/hot tub time so there’s nothing to complain about.

April 15th, 2017

We headed to Laughlin in time for me to get a couple pix of some cool street art.

The Riverside kindly gave us 2 for 1 coupons for the buffet which was not bad but not as good as Three Rivers by a longshot. We headed to Harrah’s at the very end of the strip then onto a rather odd casino called the Laughlin River Lodge. The Players Club there only gives free play based on points. The casino has several areas with slots but one was like being at your Auntie’s house with slot machines in it. Checkered table clothes on little tables throughout the slot area and food service with “homey” décor. Another area was decorated like a red light district with scantily clad mannequins around the ceiling and girlie stuff on the walls. In the center of all this were ticket games like arcades have for kids. Weird. . . .we didn’t stay long. Both JP and I thought there was an odd vibe there.


Next we hit the Nugget. It’s a nice place and was hoppin’ (in a good way). The band in the lounge was great and the dance floor was full. I got a little lucky before we called it a night. It was a fun date!

April 14th, 2017

Aquarius 1

We waited until dusk and headed to Laughlin (yes again – there are still casinos that haven’t bestowed freebies on us! We did the Players Club at the Aquarius and got our free play and took a tour. Its really a nice modern casino and according to the billboards they have tons of WINNERS! But alas we weren’t one of them.

The Regence was the next stop. It’s a family owned place with no hotel, hidden between larger casino hotels. If you didn’t read about it you would never see it. You have enter through the gift shop on the Riverwalk that connects the casinos on the waterfront. Its tiny but is said to have good food and cheap drinks. We did a walk through but didn’t stay. It was a curious place with a cow somehow being a key part of the décor?

Then on to the Pioneer. Another older casino hotel with a western theme. There are funky cowboy things as décor. We used our free play and did a little looking around. No big wins so home to Lucky.