Home to the Coast

Thursday April 19th

Today was a full day on the road from Corning CA to Bandon. It was smooth sailing and nice weather for the drive to the coast. We had a moment of excitement when the guy towing a pull trailer in front of us had a blow out but other than that, a good trip.5456707

Our friends in Bandon offered up their lovely place for us to stay while they are away. So we pulled Lucky into their driveway and made ourselves at home. The view from our front door is amazing! 

I’m anxious to have the repairs done on the wind damaged truck door and restock and rearrange for the fishing season, so I can  spend some quality time with my girlfriends! We have some catchin’ up to do! So Ill be back on the blog at the end of our stay. We head out on Monday the 30th bright and early!


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