Round 2 Wickenburg AZ

April 12, 2018
The weather wasn’t going to make fishing possible today so we decided to give Wickenburg another go. 

The town is pretty proud of their Desert Caballeros Western Museum and for good reason. For a mere $10.00 each we had a chance to learn about Wickenburg’s history by visiting the authentic exhibits with headsets on and friendly volunteers on hand to answer questions. The museum’s bottom floor had great examples of life in the 1800’s. 

There’s even a General Store where the store clerk invites you to have a seat on a crate while he (a really good hologram) shares what he hears from his customers.  Current events like women wanting to vote and the rumor that states themselves might be deciding if they were gonna be “wet or dry” state. Liquor was on its way out in Wickenburg – the women got the right to vote and booze became a bootleg operation.

Wickenburg Museum 19

We took a break and had a great lunch at Anita’s Cocina then went for round 2 at the museum. It was a short walk to a packed place with great food! 


The upstairs of the museum has an art gallery. The current exhibit is called Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half of the West.  Amazing western flavored artwork by women artists.

cg 8

There was an art gallery upstairs as well with current artwork by local artists that was pretty impressive too. Most of the artwork was thousands of dollars and the most expensive was $16,000 for a life size bronze wall sculpture of chaps.The amount of art wearing red stickers to indicate the piece had been SOLD was downright impressive! 

Between the art galleries was the history of the Cabellaros, Dude Ranches, and Rodeo. Did you know Bolo Ties were invented in Wickenburg? Me either!

Bolo TiesA gentleman named Steve Getzwiller has added his private collection to the Museum in a separate building. It included a gun collection, original
Hopi art and a combination of other cool stuff he’d accumulated since he was a young guy. My favorite was the piano from the Bird Cage Saloon in Tombstone, sitting there as though no time had passed with its 5 foot pedals instead of three, probably yearning for fingers on it’s lonely keys.

Wickenburg Museum A

There was still time for a little old town browsing so we wandered some shops and found a few more interesting sights to see. 

By the time we finished up it was ice cream o’clock and we’d been looking forward to Chappell’s for another helping of their handmade ice cream. It was a full day and a nice change of pace. We  got home in time for a much cooler evening in Alamo. Oh but the wind did howl!


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