Away We Go from Alamo

Tuesday April 10th and Wednesday April 11th, 2018

With Alamo in the rear view mirror we headed east for the day and drove an hour and a half to Wickenburg AZ. We were on a quest for a small fan to help circulate the air conditioning in Lucky. We hit the Goodwill for some movies and books, scored a fan at Dollar General, had Mexican lunch at Lydia’s La Canasta and then headed to old town Wickenburg. We left at 9:30 this morning so I thought we’d have plenty of time but the shops closed at 5:00. We’re going to have to make another trip to finish the old town and spend some time in the intriguing museum.

There are 16 statues in town all by the same artist but we only scoped out a few. The shops were different, very western-ish and the gals that worked in them were fun and chatty. At the Rusty Rooster the owners decided to do some remodeling and found the original wall under the plaster that once belonged to very small adjoining room that housed a family with 10 kids back in the day. Pretty amazing find!

We learned from shop talk that Wickenburg has several treatment centers. As in recovery centers (think alcohol, drug, eating disorders, sexual addiction etc). We heard Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Tiger Woods are just some of the celebs rumored to traveled here for treatment. The gals who told us about this said celebs are brought here but aren’t allowed to know that Wickenburg AZ is their destination. JP and I thought maybe blackened windows in a chauffeured limo – but hey, who knows maybe a cloth bag over their head for the long drive to point nowhere in an unknown desert miles from an anonymous town would work too. It’s private and remote so a good location to make some life changes. Never easy no matter where the location. No matter what your need – it looks like Wikenburg has it covered.

Next stop Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream & Pastries for a yummy treat on a scorching day. One last stop at Safeway for produce and we headed back home to Alamo Lake. It was fun going out and about today. The weather in Arizona is definitely getting hotter by the day though!

Wednesday AM JP tried to have a go on the lake but the wind was just too much for a human powered pontoon boat. There’s a cold snap coming (temperatures dropping down to the mid 70’s) and lots of wind in the forecast. We’ve been on some evening walks. We took a little mid-day hike but that was just a little to hot for my taste. There are hiking paths here at the Lake, You know them by the “cairns” little stacks of rocks to indicate you’re on course.



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