About Us

 Why Lucky?

We have had so many times in our lives that we have been “charmed.” We found our home in Sweet Home by chance in a newspaper ad on the way to Idaho to look at a job (then spent the next 28 years in the Valley). We ended up with a Blazer the exact same color and style as the one JP loved  (the last and most recent model.) We found our rental in Bandon – by chance – and circumstance and spent 3 years more than expected in Bandon These are only a few of the ways our lives have been charmed.

In Oct of 2016 we had a garage sale. A  neighbor from down the street  visited with JP and  when he heard we were trailer shopping for an adventure he said “I have your trailer!” and so he did – thus the name LUCKY for our little 21.5 ft Keystone Springdale Travel Trailer. It’s just plain luck when your adventure trailer walks into your garage sale.

We pull our Lucky with a 2012 Chevy Silverado pick up we named “Black Jack” because – what better name than that to go with Lucky?

JP and I have both retired – maybe sooner than most and maybe with a bit more risk and less income. In the end though, we will have had an adventure, whether its for 3 months or 3 years is hard to tell. Our goal is to let it go – see what happens – where and when we land, we aren’t sure. We hope there will be no regrets, no “I wish we would haves.” We want it all, adventure, uncertainty, change, possibility, and memories. So whether its another month, another year or until we just feel the need to settle back in and make our way in the world with a fistful of memories and the satisfaction that we gave it our best shot – I know we are truly lucky!

I am incredibly grateful to still be madly in love with the same guy for almost 45 years. I have kids I so admire and adore, a Brother/best pal, who not only totally gets me but also can make me laugh at myself like no other, and a fistful of really cool friends that have made my life interesting and fun. Life hasn’t always perfect but I am definitely blessed. What’s not to feel lucky about? BTW my one and only tattoo is a 4 leaf clover – Yep! I’m that Lucky Gal!