The Two Sides of Quartsite

Saturday April 14th 2018
We said goodbye to Alamo State Park this morning. Next stop Quartsite a couple of hours west. Quartsite has a population of 3,677. Not a big place but it’s the destination of a million visitors each year and most of them come in RV’s during January and February. The rock hounds and early snow birds flock here for the weather and the 2,000 vendors of rocks, gems, minerals, fossils and whatever! The world’s largest open air flea markets right there in Quartzsite. Evidently its the place to be the first 2 months of the year!

Quartsite Jan

By April though – not much going on here. The Quail Run RV Resort where we stayed for the night only had a handful of guests. The town is at the end of their season and seemed kinda deserted. It was a little eerie. We browsed the rock/gem/jewelry/thrift combination stores to pass the day. We did see the worlds largest belt buckle – so there’s that!


We decided to find dinner in town. So off to Silly Sid’s Pizza. What a surprise! The parking lot was full, the bar and restaurant packed, the DJ way loud and a disco ball over the dance floor to boot. All that and great pizza! We scored.

JP hit it early but I had Wi-Fi and that meant I could catch up the blog. So I was up till the wee hours but glad I had great coverage to do it!

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