And So It Goes

Friday April 13th, 2018 

Apparently the wind situation isn’t going to improve so we spent the day getting things in order to leave a day early. JP has had allergies something fierce here and is ready for some relief! We leave tomorrow 10:00 AM. 

Its been beautiful here in that desert sort of way. I spent a lot of my time planning and writing. I read a lot too. The night skies were amazing here because it’s so far out from town or city lights. All the stars and constellations scattered across the night sky for as far as you can see. It’s often heavenly here – balmy with breeze. You can wrap yourself up in the quiet with a ceiling of stars sparking in the night sky. The sunsets and the starry skies is what I’ll remember most about our stay here (oh and the damn burros)! I’m sure we will come back again somewhere down the line.

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