Well Worth Waiting For

Sunday May 6, 2018
JP was on the water early again today. Today was our last day here so everyone is getting their last shot on the water. The fish were running hot and cold but there is always the chance that the next cast will be THE one. 

Wild Billy 1

There’s a fly fisher here that has some crazy cool drones. They are the real deal! He flies then over the lake and they’re amazing to watch.

Everybody fished from the shore or their pontoon or the row boats.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather. A success in every way! 

It was just by chance that we ended up being invited along on this annual trip. The gang here: Gene and Judy, Beth and Craig and grandson Cole, Lynn, Gary, Jack Jr, and Jack (the fella JP met at 7 Feathers) were all awesome. We’ve been invited back next year and may have a side trip on the books with Gene and Judy this summer. Yep – looks like we may be hangin’ in Oregon this summer with Lucky – cuz well – there’s the fishing!

Wild Billy Lake 12


The Trout Are Taunting Me

Saturday May 5th, 2018
Jerry had a good morning while I slept in and finished my book. We took a row boat out after lunch and though this is a “catch and release” lake, I’ve made it a “bite and release” lake. I can get their attention and have a good hit but have trouble keeping them on. I’m glad JP is just working on teaching me the mechanics of catching for now (he’s casting for me) because fly fishing is no where near the same as bait fishing. Wild Billy Lake 8

The day was gorgeous and JP caught some good size trout.

At one point we were the only ones on the lake, a bald eagle was making loops overhead, the pelicans were huddled against the far shore . . . all this with the background music of fellow fly fisher Gene, playing the mandolin at the the waters edge. How could there be a more a perfect day?

Wild Billy Lake 21


A Fishing We Will Go

Friday May 4th, 2018
JP was up way early to hit the water. He was pretty excited! He has been so looking forward to this trip! The trout are BIG here and the lake and horizons are beautiful!
I was all dressed up and ready to row when  JP’s boat seat broke (from excessive rowing I’m sure) so we took one of the row boats out in the afternoon.

I’m not a fly-fisher but JP hooked me up and we got to catch a couple big ones. 

The pelicans were out in a group today. They’re amazing to watch. Big bright white, beautiful birds with wings tipped in black and bright orange bills. They glide over the water and huddle in a group on the far shore.

By the end of the day JP had fixed his pontoon and tied more of the preferred flies and was ready for another early morning on the Lake.

And We’re Here!

Thursday May 3rd, 2018
We’ve had some Siri problems again. This time she has confused North and South (she seriously can’t be trusted). Luckily JP had a map to the private property that holds Wild Billy Lake. The road was a little rough and narrow with limbs to avoid so we took it slow and easy.
This trip came about because when we were at the Seven Feathers RV Park last year our neighbor saw the pontoons in the truck and he and JP got to talking. It turned out they both knew a fly fisherman from Lebanon named Gene Stutzman and the invite was on.

What a place! This is a private 200 acre lake so our party of new friends are the only occupants at the camp and cabins. I’ve met some really nice people. It’s super  casual and everyone just does their own thing and at days end, if you are so inclined – there is the campfire for all.Wild Billy Lake 19My new neighbor Judy let me tag along on one of her hikes. She shared her binoculars and we spotted antelope, a bald eagle with a young one in nest, wild horses, and deer. A great first day! 

Headed To Wild Billy Lake

Wednesday, May 2nd
We left Bandon mid- morning and headed southwest towards Sprague River Oregon. We parked at Collier State Park for a pre- destination one night stay. It was mostly empty so we had our pick of sites. It’s a lovely park, right along the Williamson River. This is all new territory for me but JP is familiar since he used to work in this neck of the woods back in the day. Lovely weather, lovely park – I’m sure we’ll be back.