Not Exactly The Plan . . .

August 1st – August 14th 2018 

We moved from Gills Landing in Lebanon to Waterloo Park outside of Lebanon (and actually no too far from our Sodaville house). We settled in and made some changes to our itinerary since JP is still fighting a bug and not feeling great. We had to cancel some plans with family and our Las Vegas Pomeroy Palooza which was disappointing – but we are hoping to reschedule things once JP is feeling better.  

Waterloo has always been a fav of JP’s for fly-fishing from the bank. Its a lovely park with lots of shade trees. The days have been super hot but the evenings are awesome. JP has had his fly pole out at dusk a few times. 

Our friend Mike and his family camped here for a long weekend too. His little girl Samantha is a charmer. She called me “Miss Cheri” (I called her Princess Sam) and she couldn’t be sweeter! It was nice meet Sam’s mom Sabrina and her Auntie Doris too. I know JP enjoyed having some time with Mike – it had been a long time! Sam posed for a few pics and gave me bubble blowing lessons to boot!

I had a chance to see a couple of friends while we we’ve been here. I missed seeing some of my other gal pals but Ill be back on and off through November so Ill catch them on the flip side. 

The plan was to be back in the Bandon today on Aug 15th but we decided to wait out JP’s recovery in the Valley since we are closer to his doctors here. Last year while we were wheels down in Oregon I suspended until we were back on the road again. So I’m signing off for now – the plan is to hit the road mid November. So! We will catch you then or see you in person in between. 



Hometown Stay in the Valley

July 19th  – July 31st, 2018

When we’re back in Oregon I don’t usually post much. Mostly because we are happy to be with the our friends (who are generally are the ones reading the blog). Since I’m using our blog as a Travel Diary as well I’ll post here and there. 

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: We pulled into our friend Gwen’s driveway to visit for a few days.  JP washed the truck and trailer and we had our traditional arrival night dinner with Gwen from Ming Wings Chinese. We used Friday to run some errands in Albany  and saw Ant Man and the Wasp then onto Panda Express.


Saturday we hung out with Gwen and got ourselves invited to the Washer Competition next door – which is something I didn’t even know existed.

One of the team players didn’t show (they’re pretty strict for a backyard game – if you don’t show – you’re banned from the games for 5 years!) So JP took the place of the missing player (thus the over-sized tee shirt) where the players threw/tossed round washers into holes in boards created for just that. JP’s team and ended up in the finals (but alas . . . not the winning team).  It was fun watching Gwen and JP compete. I’m not a player but it was still a perfect evening.  There was a great pot luck with a heap of pulled pork and LOTS of people! Its an annual event and really well put together!

Sunday: We settled Lucky into Gill’s Landing in Lebanon. Its a nice park near the river’s boat ramp. There’s trees aplenty for shade but unfortunately we were late to reserve so it was a bit warm. Lucky’s air conditioning isn’t the best so we bought a fan to help it out and made the best of it. Later in the day we drove out to Sweet Home to see Dave and Mary and pick up my car. They’ve been kind enough to house the Blazer while we are on the road. Hopefully we can make a dinner date before we leave to catch up!

Monday: We just kicked back at the park.

Tuesday: I was early to my hair appointment because I was so looking forward to seeing Jean. Luckily she’s a great multi-tasker so she did her magic with my camping hair and we had a chance to visit and make some plans to get together in Sept. at their Crab Camp and to see them again back in AZ in January.  Next stop was my other Jean’s house to curl up and chat on her couch and make some plans for a little Casino Getaway in the not too distant future. Mai Tai’s and Slot Machines and lots of girlfriend time ahead!

Wednesday: JP hung at camp and I headed to Albany to visit with Diane. She made us a lovely lunch and we spent some quality time catching up. We went to see Mama Mia  – Here We Go Again (yep it’s a musical)!  I really think there should be more musicals – maybe that’s why flash mobs were invented – to fill that void? A fun day all around!blo

Thursday:  JP, Gwen and I decided to do dinner and a movie. So we went to Ixtapa and then on to see Jurassic World. It was action packed and had great effects but I’m sure the ending will lead on to Jurassic Galaxy and then? We’re doing a little house sitting while Gwen is away so her lovely yard won’t wither in the heat. Everybody wins! The yard doesn’t die and we get a comfy cool house to watch a real sized TV and make ourselves at home until she gets back.


Friday and Saturday: Just hung out at the park.

Sunday: We had a date with our old friend Mike, it’s been awhile! We got together at the Conversion Brewing Company downtown in Lebanon (when we lived here it was the Taekwondo Studio). We got to meet Mike’s family too. Mikes 4 year old daughter Sabrina. was a doll and smart as a whip!  

Monday and Tuesday: Just like taxes and bills while we are on the road, life goes on even if you aren’t wheels down and settled in at home. JP hasn’t been well so we are going to take some time to get him back to his old self again.