White Tank Mountain and Surprise AZ

February 18th – 23rd, 2019

Monday Feb 18th – We left Havasu with all the other RV folks and headed back through Parker and Quartsite To White Tank Mountain. We’ve stayed here before but it looked really different this year. Its green! The weather here has been much different than our past visits. We settled in and made some calls to line up some work on Lucky in the AM. There was a tire rubbing and that just won’t due.

Tues Feb 19th  – So every dog has its day (and in this case 2). We left White Tank at 7:45 and didn’t get back until late afternoon on Tues. At the end of the day we had no work done at Camping World in Avondale AZ, though we had an appointment. They have rigs that have been waiting for months and it was “too bad it was still under Warranty because if it was 2 days later the Extended Warranty kicked in and we might get the work done sooner”. Under the original Warranty there were several steps that could cause it to take days, weeks, even months to complete the work! Needless to say, we weren’t in a place to make that work so the last part of the day was spent finding someone who could help us.

Wed Feb 20th – We left early to drive back to Avondale and drop Lucky at a private shop so they could repack the bearings. Even though it took until after 1:00 to finish up we were grateful they worked us in! We window shopped Avondale until Lucky was ready to roll on to the tire shop and get 4 new tires. We’re now safe on the road with new 8-ply tires and happy bearings (and a MAMMOTH dislike for Camping World Avondale AZ). In the evening we got together with Jean and Randy Miner our longtime friends from Sweet Home. We had a lovely steak dinner and cocktails and caught up.

Thurs Feb 21st – We headed back into Happy Trails in Surprise for another visit with the Miner’s. I was SO happy to have Jean do my hair while we were there. Its hard on the road – there’s a real “stranger danger” going into a shop where you just hope you’ll leave happy. Later that evening Jean and Randy took us to the Theater at Happy Trails. It was nice seeing some familiar faces from Sweet Home sitting with us at our table. The show was really well done and they have a big theater group. Lots of good music (it’s all lip sync) and costumes! It was a nice night out!

Friday Feb 22nd – Saturday Feb 23rd – We needed a couple of downtime days so we decided to hunker down at White Tank. We’ve had to change sites 4 times since we got here because the park has been full. Our last night we had to dry camp in the overflow but it all worked out. The park has an amazing library at its base. It’s hard to post on the blog without a good WIFI connection. We spent a couple of hours in the Libraty – its a great view! Most of the library is windows into the desert.

It has been truly cold in AZ. There has been snow on the hills around the park and at night its cold enough to freeze the water hoses. Lucky stays warm (though taking a shower is challenging)! 

White Tank 5 2019

We head to New Mexico soon and will be at a higher elevation so were crossing our fingers this cold streak will come to an end. We thought about changing our itinerary but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere we can go where it isn’t winter. I guess it’s all part of the adventure! This picture was posted on FB – I guess not even the Palm Springs area is safe right now!











30th Annual Winter Blast Pyrotechnic Show

February 13th – February 17th, 2019

Wednesday Feb 13th – We got Lucky settled in and kicked back at camp. There are some really big RV’s here that make Lucky look like a pup! We saw some fireworks after dark but they were slow on the go and it sprinkled periodically. It was pretty chilly but we watched as long as we could but we gave in and called it a night. It rained buckets all night long!

Havasu Rodeo Grounds

Thursday Feb 14th – The rain didn’t stop and the Rodeo Grounds turned into mud pits. Everyone hunkered down in their RV’s. We headed into Havasu and did some window shopping, ran a couple of errands and hit Panda Express before heading back. We watched fireworks from the truck. All warm and cozy with a great view- like a fireworks drive-in! It was a perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day!

Friday Feb 15th – It’s officially the 30th Annual Western Winter Blast Pyrotechnic Show! We kicked back and waited for the 4:00 Cowboy BBQ Dinner that was surprisingly well put together and fed a lot of people. Ice was 5.00 and firewood was 20.00 but I guess in a pinch?

The Brianna Payne Band accompanied some line dancing and beer drinking for the happy campers. Tonight, we snuck the truck in between 2 big RV’s at the front of the RV wall, tuned our radio into the Pyro channel and saw amazing fireworks choreographed to music. Each Pyro company showed off their biggest and brightest. This is what we came to see! They really took the sparkle out of the regular fireworks that followed!

Havasu Fireworks 1

Saturday Feb 16th – Finally clear sunny skies! The grounds dried up, folks took to their lawn chairs and we went out and about.

Havasu A

While everyone seems to prefer the BIG RV’s and buses – I’m still drawn to the lil’ guys. It looked like they were traveling in a tiny gang. 

We went into Havasu and ended up at the 11th Annual Rockabilly Reunion. It was all versions of car show, SO many people, a 50’s pin-up swimsuit completion, and lots of vendors, both food and otherwise. I loved the booth where gals were paying to have 50’s hairstyles and make up done. There were all kinds of gals at the Reunion dressed artfully in 50’s attire – red lipstick and all.

We ate our Cowboy Supper while the Kevin Jaxon Band played in the background. We slid the truck back into our secret viewing spot and under clear skies watched another great night of fireworks. There were incredible BOOMS from the fireworks that you could feel right into your chest. They shook the mirrors on the truck and were so delayed from their firework origin they caught you off guard. JP loves those!


Sunday Feb 17th- We decided to do breakfast out today so we found a Black Bear Diner. It was packed so we sat at the counter. It proved to be interesting, watching a dozen servers jockey at the cook line for the orders to come up. Breakfast took 2 hours but it wasn’t because they weren’t trying to get ‘er done! We drove to take a look at Lake Havasu while the sun was shining!

Later we did Cowboy BBQ Dinner #3 and listened to Perfect Strangers play to a thinning crowd. Tonight was the last night of the Pyro Show. It was a shorter show and was about an hour behind schedule but turned out to be good.


Side Note: As good as the Pyrotechnic Show was – it wasn’t what it was planned to be. The Pyro Companies that were exhibiting their wares were limited this year because of weather. The display that was most impressive came in a 4’ trailer rather than the 40’ trailer they had packed but couldn’t get through the weather to bring to Havasu. The rains limited some of the fireworks too. I hope we’ll be back again somewhere down the line (in the 75 degree, clear skies, sunny Lake Havasu that we’ve visited in the past this time of year). I’ll add it to our bucket list!

Movin’ On . . .

February 11th – February 12th, 2019

Monday Feb 11th – After just one more morning hot tub we left Nilan and headed towards Havasu. We had every intention of hitting the Quartsite Gem and Mineral Show but we lost our enthusiasm and headed into Parker for groceries. We decided to dry camp at Blue Waters Casino until our next stop. We’ve stayed there before and liked the cheap seats at the Cinema. We saw Prodigy (really a pretty scary movie) and then made a quick stop at the casino before we called it a night.


Tuesday Feb 12th- We popped back into Parker to use the library Wi-Fi, have lunch and do some shopping. Just a short pause on our way north to Havasu. Next stop – Havasu Rodeo Grounds.


Out To the Desert

February 7th – February 10th, 2019

Thursday Feb 7th  – We left Desert Hot Springs and drove about an hour and a half to Nilan near the Salton Sea. It didn’t take us long to settle into Bashford’s Mineral Spa RV. 

We met up with Randy and Becky and their friends for a little happy hour. Later we headed out to the Ski Inn in Bombay Beach for dinner. I thought it was cool that at one time, Anthony Bourdain had stopped in here for a patty melt and a beer.

Friday Feb 8th – JP had a chance to go four wheeling with Randy and his buddies. They took Jeeps out climbing and JP had a great time and saw some desert scenery. 

Sat Feb 9th – This morning was a free breakfast for all!  Eggs, hash browns, pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit, coffee, OJ and tomato juice. All free because a fella here collects all the bottles and cans for recycling, cashes them in and uses the money to put on a great morning meal! You can chip in 2.00 and turn your juice into either a Screwdriver or a Bloody Mary. After a hearty breakfast Randy and Becky took us out to Salvation Mountain about 1/2 hour away. 

Leonard Knight had a calling from God to create the really unusual and odd structure known as Salvation Mountain. He believed that “Love is universal, love God, love one another, and just keep it simple.” In 2000 it was named a National Treasure in the Congressional Record of the US. Mr. Knight passed away in 2014 but his vision lives on.

Salvation Mountain is next to “slab city” where folks have made their life off the grid in odd and creative spaces. The diversity is curious indeed! There were super fancy motorhomes, lean-tos, and imaginative versions of homes all sitting on the abandoned WW II Marine Corp barracks of Camp Dunlap. Slab City is considered “the last free place in America”It costs nothing to stay there, and is totally off the grid. 

Next stop was East Jesus. It’s considered an “experimental, inhabitable, extensive artwork in progress.” It was filled with all kinds of unusual and strange recycled art. It was interesting to see lifestyles so completely different from ours. It’s said to be the last hippie haven in America.

We went and took a gander at the saltwater shores of the Salton Sea. It was once destined to be a resort area with fishing, boating and water skiing. Resorts were in the works and it was to be a prime vacation destination. Unfortunately the inlet that allowed the Colorado River to flow into the lake was repaired and it became landlocked. The waters of the Salton Sea aren’t very appealing (or safe) these days and long gone are the hopes for this area to be a thriving area for tourists.

Randy showed us an cool house where they’d once been for a party. It was so unusual! The stone formations aren’t actually stone – they’re foam made to look like stone. Inside the window of sparkling disco type orbs, the stacked stones create couches. The front of the house is all aluminum.  Totally original and super cool!

And then. ..YES !  The Drive In is coming back! Not like we remember it but so so clever! The movie screen is the side of a big truck and you don’t need a ride because the vehicles are provided. Someone had an amazing idea! They’re still working on it but when it’s done it’ll be an experience!

We hit Ski Inn for lunch and rested up for the Party put on at camp by the Canadians. They do it up right! Open bar for beer and wine, or BYO hard liquor beverage, snacks, 2 bands and some entertainment by park residents. Even though it was hard to talk we met some really nice people. It seems like a close knit community of snow birds.

Sun Feb 10th – Today was a day of R&R. We hit the mineral spa tub and the pool hot tub, and kicked it for the afternoon. In the evening we went for a walk with Randy  and Pepper his dog and got another view of Chocolate Mountain.

We met Randy and Becky while we were all camped at Coquille RV Park in Bandon. JP and Randy did some fishing together and we all hit Billy’s for supper one night. They invited us to come down to Nilan for a visit and I’m glad we did. We had a great stay in a most unusual place in the desert.











Oh, How She Blows!

Sunday February 3rd  – Wednesday February 6th

Well evidently weather is happening everywhere! We have certainly had some major storms that have kept Lucky rockin’ and the heater on!

Sunday Feb 3rd – We opted on a change of pace and headed to Rancho Mirage to the Agua Caliente Casino. Its much bigger than its sister The Spa Casino in Palm Springs. We played for a an hour or so – lost a little – was up some for a minute but I left a happy camper!

After the casino we were hoping to find a burger nearby – and what should appear? 

Monday Feb 4th – Just a day of R&R. It was a stormy day and not much on the agenda so we just kicked it in Lucky and stayed warm and dry.  

Tuesday Feb 5th – The wind howled and the rain came. JP worked outside during a few breaks but for the most part I was working on the computer (tax time is  a comin’) and JP read. The clubhouse here hosts a poker game so I sent JP off to win me some casino cash and he did.

Wednesday Feb 6th –Today was all about getting ready to move so nothing but fun. Walmart, Walgreens, laundry, gas and  all that fun stuff. We did squeeze in a return trip to Smokin’ Burgers and the Spa Casino so the day wasn’t all work and no play! Later that night . . . . There was a weird event at the RV park. It started just after dark with the Sheriff using a bullhorn to call a guy by name and instruct him to come out with his hands over his head. We could see the lights from the police and sheriffs cars in our windows. JP said there was an ambulance outside as well. The lights and bullhorn instructions went on for a really long time and then it was quiet. Around 2:30 AM we heard 5 shots and a few minutes later a BOOM. In the morning the RV folk could only speculate about what happened. We couldn’t find anything online about it. We figured that if we were in any danger we would have been evacuated. That was a first!

We’re ready to make the break from Palm Desert CA south to Nilan CA in the AM. We’re meeting up with new friends Randy and Becky near the Salton Sea. Maybe we’ll find some skies that look more like this? 




It’s Our 2 Year Anniversary!

Saturday Jan 2, 2019
It’s our Lucky 2nd Anniversary!



So, this post’s a little longer and more personal. It’s OK if it’s not for you, feel free to wait on a post at our next stop. No hard feelings – part of having this blog is a travel journal so we can look back on our time on the road. It’s absolutely amazing that it’s been 2 years since we started our adventure!I’m still loving the gypsy life and 24 months later we have things pretty well locked down for living in our little trailer.

How we roll now:

  1. We’re even more organized and keep things super simple.
  2. Our RV skills are damn keen. We each have a routine, me for the inside and JP for the outside of Lucky and we can be set up or be ready to go in no time.
  3. We’ve mastered the art of campground/resort showers (we still use the shower and tub in Lucky as a storage closet). One towel/ one go-bag and we’re good.
  4.  JP and I have perfected all the moves to pass each other in the kitchen/dining room/ bedroom (otherwise known as the “great hall”).
  5. JP believes he is now “Jerry Ramsey” in his BBQ skills, though he’s a bit out of practice. I guess time will tell. 
  6. Bass tackle has become the new intrigue so there is never a sporting goods department that doesn’t need investigating (plus a token purchase or two).
  7. The flip side of Bass shopping is that it’s usually followed by a short trip to whatever casino is located nearby – cuz let’s be fair!
  8. Our bed in Lucky is divided “fairly” 1/3 for me and 2/3 for JP – and that usually works out fine.
  9. If one gets up during the night – everybody gets up.
  10. Most importantly we’ve been able to have more family time. It gives us something special to look forward to. We work our calendar so its never too long until the next Pomeroy Palooza! uu

The only downside to the traveling life is that my friends are so far away. JP’s fishing season in Oregon is when I look forward to some quality time with my gals but alas more and more of my friends lives are getting harder to pin down! This retirement thing seems to have caught on!

This past year had some unexpected challenges. It seems even with a perfect plan, life has its own agenda. It felt a little like this picture we took in a simulator at Balboa Park in San Diego (but minus those the grins)!


Last February we replaced Lucky #1 with a new Lucky #2 after a palm tree attacked us. In one quick stop we moved our life from one Springdale to another and carried on. Good bye Old Lucky!


In late Spring we ended up staying in the Valley in Lucky to be near medical care when JP was really ill. In the the Fall life was put on hold for a totally unexpected surgery. Lucky waited patiently in the driveway for us while we stayed at our friends home in Bandon until JP was recovered and we were ready to roll.

The good news is that when your LUCKY you’re lucky! At any point we could be telling another story but we’re relieved and beyond grateful to be back on the road! 

We aren’t able to see who looks in on the blog. We only know you visit if you post a comment, but WordPress does keep statistics and this is how our 2 year stats broke down.

We’ve posted 228 posts on luckyontheloose.blog. We’ve had 1179 visitors (that’s you) and 6834 views (that’s each post read). Here is the amazing part . . . the blog has been viewed from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, China, Australia, Ireland, Philippines, Japan, India,Netherlands, Thailand, Hong Kong, Guadeloupe, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, European Union, Mexico. I’m not sure how this is the case but it is pretty interesting. That’s 31 countries! We can account for Canada because we have family there but otherwise I have no idea how our blog was found from afar. That is just SO COOL! 


Thank you for checking in on us or following along. The only drawback is that when we see you in person – well there’s not much left to tell that you haven’t already read, but we can live with that – there’s always a little dish on the side! You can always see where we plan to be next on the Itinerary Page in the blog.


We’re grateful for you, our friends. We have had the luxury of having you, have our backs and that’s what helps make this adventure possible. It continues to take a village back home, we love you for it!



We Were Hopin’ for Sun

Thursday Jan 31st – Friday February 1st

Back at Desert Hot Springs, we retrieved Lucky from storage and settled into a new spot at the KOA. Thursday and Friday the rains came! We headed into Palm Springs to do some shopping and grab a bite . The roads had rivers of rain at the curbside, add  the wind and it was carzy! We were so lucky to have had good weather while the kids were here. It sounds like weather everywhere is wonky. I’m glad we aren’t in a snow and cold zone.


Short But Sweet

Thursday January 30th, 2019

Our last day – so after a quick pack and load we decided to give Pinocchio’s in the Desert another go for breakfast.  The kids headed back home and we headed back to our KOA in Desert Hot Springs. Our three days flew by but it was so great to have family time. Our plan is to come back this way in April, stow Lucky and hop down to LA for another visit. Gonna miss ’em until then. hearts-in-a-row-5



Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

After the kids AM workout we headed to Elmer’s for Breakfast. Elmer’s is apparently a local favorite with an outstanding #1 out of 58 Palm Springs Breakfast spots. It didn’t disappoint! elmers 2After much discussion as to whether the weather was going to hold, we headed out to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to ride the world largest rotating tram car. It travels 2 1/2 miles and took us through the Chino Canyon up to Mt. San Jacinto State Park. The tram car holds 80 passengers and passes by 5 towers, each with their own little bump. Luckily the conductor warns you ahead of time to watch you balance and hold steady.  It takes about 10 minutes to reach the Mountain Station at 8,516 feet. Once we got to the top we roamed the paths at a metered pace (the air is thinner up there)!

We took a bunch of photos with Ben as our photographer (though lots of folks offered to take pictures for us). Later we popped into the Station for a bite before we headed back down on the tram. It turned out to be a beautiful day and a pretty amazing outing! 

PS Family

After a short pause for a famous Pomeroy mid-day nap we decided to keep with the Mexican theme and had a late dinner downtown at Maracas. The night was perfect for patio dining and the food and service were great. The statue just outside the patio is Sonny Bono. And suddenly – it was the last night of our rendezvous. 

Side Note: This warning sign was posted on the Observation Deck at the top of the tramway. It lists 3  warnings: CAUTION WET AND ICY, NO SMOKING, HIGH HEELED SHOES ARE DANGEROUS AND USE HAND RAILS. Though I’m not certain who would wear high heels for this adventure, I think it’s sound advice under any circumstances. The sign also seems to work as a “Which one of these statements does not belong?” question.

Tram 5


Palm Springs and The SPA Casino

Tuesday Jan 29th, 2019

We started our day with workouts and walks and then off to Downtown Palm Springs for breakfast and a little shopping. We ate breakfast at my favorite The Broken Yolk and then strolled around town. 

JP picked up a hat, and Ben a couple of shirts. We popped into some art stores and picked up a game for later on. Downtown sports the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. The stars that line the sidewalks honor the “Golden Palm Stars.” Famous folk who have lived in the Palm Springs area. Star below is Truman Capote.

Amanda suggested a visit to the local casino and who am I to argue? Next stop was the Spa Casino which was pretty cool! We each picked up our 10.00 in free play and split into teams and got busy with it. Amanda and I had fun, won a little, lost it back but played for awhile. Ben and JP finished before us and retired to the Players Bar for beers and a chat.

We dined in at the Pomeroy Condo and expanded our Holiday Taco Meal to Taco Salads and Nachos. Amanda and I snuck in a hot tub and we kicked back for the evening.