Feb 22,2017

A Week Already?

We finished off the week with our friends at Happy Trails. Jeanie drove me around the Resort to see the other types and styles of homes in her golf cart while the fellas visited. JP and I both got a good sprucing up too, Jeanie was kind enough to work her magic on us in her cute little salon at home. Chili’s was next on the menu (pineapple blueberry margarita – oh yeah)! A perfect day!

We liked White Tank so much that we scheduled another week here at the end of March. I love we can just decide to do that. There are more trails to hike and I’m betting the weather will be sunny and Jeanie and I can have some pool time and maybe a little shopping too 😀

Feb 21,2017

Hiking Without the Crowd

We headed out on the trails again and this time with no crowds. A great day to be in the desert! We have been fascinated by the Saguaro Cactus. At first glance it looks like they are making rude gestures at you but then many of them look as though their arms are up in a Hallelujah pose. I guess its all about perspective. There are also Buckhorn Cholla, Barrel Cactus, Prickly Pear and Jumping Cholla (yep you read it right “jumping” though I think they really just snag onto you if you get close enough but still!) Too many cactus to list.  

The Saguaro Cactus (or as I have always known it “Taco Time” Cactus) are pretty big. I’ve seen them in westerns and on billboards and cartoons and never given them a second thought. Somehow it never occurred to me that would be filled with, well anything short of watery gel goo. Totally foreign to me. I now know better. They have a wooden type framework for structure. Yes I have seen it and I was pretty impressed by it.  Sometimes you just don’t know – what you don’t know.

We caught up with Jean and Randy and saw a great show at Happy Trails called “Phat Cat.” They were hoppin’! All swing music, lots with new arrangements and great showmanship. Happy Trails knows how to put on a fun date night with friends!

Feb 20, 2017

A Hiking We Will Go!

The sun was out and so were we! There are several hiking trails in White Mountain Regional Park so we tarted on the easiest and shortest. Just about 2 miles round trip. Unfortunately it was a holiday and the local churches decided that the combination of holiday and sunshine would make for a great congregational event. So what should have been a brisk and somewhat short hike was a bit like being in line for a ride at Disneyland! Though it was nice to see the families and hikers of all ages (and thier dogs) all making their way up the trail. The traffic in the park was so bad they had to reroute it to a one way loop. When did hiking become so popular?

We used the rest of the day to reorganize Lucky a bit and just kicked it in camp.

Feb 19,2017

Really? More Rain?

The weather wouldn’t seem to let up so we headed to Glendale in search of Cabela’s. Turns out this isn’t your average Cabela’s (though I’m not sure there is an average Cabela’s?) This showroom is 160,000 sq. ft. and truly something to see. The wildlife decor was pretty amazing and if that wasn’t enough – yes! There was a Fudge Store, Cafe with wild game on the menu, Popcorn and Peanut Store, Shoe Store, Aquarium, and (wait for it . . . ) Bargain Room! I haven’t a clue how long we were there but I wasn’t bored for a minute.

We took a drive around the University of Phoenix Stadium (also known as the dome) and home of the Arizona Cardinals. While there we were lured into an RV Show were we dodged the downpours and saw the newest version of our Lucky. Far too soon to be thinking of an upgrade but fun to see whats out there. 

We finished the evening with a show – The Great Wall.  JP liked it – me not so much. Before the show we stopped at a little store next door to the theater called Rocketfizz. It had all kinds of novelty stuff especially food treats like the candy we had as kids back in the day and soda like Bubble Up and Kick a Poo Joy Juice. Where do they find that stuff?

Feb 18, 2017

Rain Rain Go Away!

Today was a day for R&R as the weather was awful. White Tank Regional Park has a stunning library. About 3/4 of it is floor to ceiling windows so you get a panoramic view of the desert. They have a section of desert wildlife in case you want to see the rattlesnake you hope never to see! There were other creatures as well but my favorite (as long a he is under glass) was the scorpion. I had no idea that under a black light they glow neon green. We have a little black light flashlight in case we want to hunt some up on our own now. We picked up some reading material then braved the weather and headed to where everyone else was -Walmart.

Feb 17, 2017


Take Me Out to The Ballgame!

Sunny skies and warm weather, a perfect day for baseball games! The Beavers played one of the games so our friends introduces us to even more people here from the Valley and though we didn’t know them we knew friends of theirs.

In-between games we popped over to a Wine and Art show and saw some Arizona style art and design which was pretty unique and very in tune with the desert here.

Feb 16, 2017

thumbnail_img_24041Hooking up with Friends

We met up with our friends Jean and Randy at Happy Trails Resort in Surprise today. We got a full tour of the facilities, pools, hot tubs, diner, golf course, pickle ball courts, shops, and neighborhoods. Our friends have a lovely park model that they have made their own and are really happy here in their second home. We also met some other folks from Sweet Home and oddly enough I knew the women folk from fitness classes decades ago. The Happy Trails lifestyle is pretty casual and upbeat – everyone seems upbeat and happy to be here. It was a relaxing sunny day and there is nothing quite like laughing with friends!

Feb 15, 2017

White Tank Regional Park – Weddell AZ

We arrived today to a lovely different terrain from Lake Havasu, with cactus and city lights in the distance and stars up above. It is so different than Oregon! We’ve settled in with not much difficulty for the next 8 days. Tomorrow we have been on the road for 2 weeks. It doesn’t feel that long which is a good sign! Odd moment of the day: bringing out our camp chairs to find they are beach chairs (exceptionally short – child size) Wally World here we come! The park is great and the showers clean and hot. The bathroom does have a sign that has caused me to pause . . . sign

Feb 8 th – 15th 2017

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Sun! Yes we have found it! Clear skies and 70 degrees! We moved into the RV spot we will be in this week. All settled in.The Elks Lodge is huge! They served 582 dinners our first night here, of course, it was BBQ rib night so that probably explains it.

We’re still getting some loose ends tied up and getting the last (I hope) of the unexpected items we need to be at home on the road. Evidently, I’m using way too much data and had to upgrade my ATT package. It’s not my fault – I just don’t trust Siri anymore so I have to check her time and again! Today when we asked where the nearest car wash was she said “I think cars should wash themselves – don’t you?” She is copping an attitude and can’t be trusted.

We visited the London Bridge and walked the docks. All I can think is that the fellas that thought it was a good idea to move a sinking bridge from London to Lake Havasu were amazingly ambitious and had a keen attention to detail. I’m betting it was a huge team of insomniacs that passed the nights away planning each and every detail.

It is certainly a different world here. No grass anywhere and no real trees to be found. The lake is still a bit too cool for great fishing but we gave it our best. Really windy though which made it rough but all in all a sunny day on the water!

Its a different kind of landscape but the weather is awesome! Its way too big a city for us though and we are looking forward to heading to White Tank Mountain near Surprise AZ. We will be seeing our friends Jeannie and Randy in Surprise and really looking forward to it!

Feb 7, 2017

More Rollin’ – Bakersfield Ca to Lake Havasu AZ

One long day on the road! I was a Nervous Nellie because on the map it looked like a long way between tiny towns on the map. Since we weren’t really sure of the mileage through the mountains with the trailer in tow having as much gas on board as possible was my goal. No trees, but mountains and lots and lots of windmills (huge aliens dancing) and some ridiculously long trains in the distance. We made it no problem and with gas to spare but were a late arrival at the Elks Lodge RV Park in Lake Havasu and had only a temporary site but it all worked out just fine! I’m sure Jerry is due for some settle in time, so tomorrow is just a look around town to get the lay of the land.