Oh, How She Blows!

Sunday February 3rd  – Wednesday February 6th

Well evidently weather is happening everywhere! We have certainly had some major storms that have kept Lucky rockin’ and the heater on!

Sunday Feb 3rd – We opted on a change of pace and headed to Rancho Mirage to the Agua Caliente Casino. Its much bigger than its sister The Spa Casino in Palm Springs. We played for a an hour or so – lost a little – was up some for a minute but I left a happy camper!

After the casino we were hoping to find a burger nearby – and what should appear? 

Monday Feb 4th – Just a day of R&R. It was a stormy day and not much on the agenda so we just kicked it in Lucky and stayed warm and dry.  

Tuesday Feb 5th – The wind howled and the rain came. JP worked outside during a few breaks but for the most part I was working on the computer (tax time is  a comin’) and JP read. The clubhouse here hosts a poker game so I sent JP off to win me some casino cash and he did.

Wednesday Feb 6th –Today was all about getting ready to move so nothing but fun. Walmart, Walgreens, laundry, gas and  all that fun stuff. We did squeeze in a return trip to Smokin’ Burgers and the Spa Casino so the day wasn’t all work and no play! Later that night . . . . There was a weird event at the RV park. It started just after dark with the Sheriff using a bullhorn to call a guy by name and instruct him to come out with his hands over his head. We could see the lights from the police and sheriffs cars in our windows. JP said there was an ambulance outside as well. The lights and bullhorn instructions went on for a really long time and then it was quiet. Around 2:30 AM we heard 5 shots and a few minutes later a BOOM. In the morning the RV folk could only speculate about what happened. We couldn’t find anything online about it. We figured that if we were in any danger we would have been evacuated. That was a first!

We’re ready to make the break from Palm Desert CA south to Nilan CA in the AM. We’re meeting up with new friends Randy and Becky near the Salton Sea. Maybe we’ll find some skies that look more like this? 




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