Palm Springs and The SPA Casino

Tuesday Jan 29th, 2019

We started our day with workouts and walks and then off to Downtown Palm Springs for breakfast and a little shopping. We ate breakfast at my favorite The Broken Yolk and then strolled around town. 

JP picked up a hat, and Ben a couple of shirts. We popped into some art stores and picked up a game for later on. Downtown sports the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. The stars that line the sidewalks honor the “Golden Palm Stars.” Famous folk who have lived in the Palm Springs area. Star below is Truman Capote.

Amanda suggested a visit to the local casino and who am I to argue? Next stop was the Spa Casino which was pretty cool! We each picked up our 10.00 in free play and split into teams and got busy with it. Amanda and I had fun, won a little, lost it back but played for awhile. Ben and JP finished before us and retired to the Players Bar for beers and a chat.

We dined in at the Pomeroy Condo and expanded our Holiday Taco Meal to Taco Salads and Nachos. Amanda and I snuck in a hot tub and we kicked back for the evening.

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