30th Annual Winter Blast Pyrotechnic Show

February 13th – February 17th, 2019

Wednesday Feb 13th – We got Lucky settled in and kicked back at camp. There are some really big RV’s here that make Lucky look like a pup! We saw some fireworks after dark but they were slow on the go and it sprinkled periodically. It was pretty chilly but we watched as long as we could but we gave in and called it a night. It rained buckets all night long!

Havasu Rodeo Grounds

Thursday Feb 14th – The rain didn’t stop and the Rodeo Grounds turned into mud pits. Everyone hunkered down in their RV’s. We headed into Havasu and did some window shopping, ran a couple of errands and hit Panda Express before heading back. We watched fireworks from the truck. All warm and cozy with a great view- like a fireworks drive-in! It was a perfect way to celebrate Valentines Day!

Friday Feb 15th – It’s officially the 30th Annual Western Winter Blast Pyrotechnic Show! We kicked back and waited for the 4:00 Cowboy BBQ Dinner that was surprisingly well put together and fed a lot of people. Ice was 5.00 and firewood was 20.00 but I guess in a pinch?

The Brianna Payne Band accompanied some line dancing and beer drinking for the happy campers. Tonight, we snuck the truck in between 2 big RV’s at the front of the RV wall, tuned our radio into the Pyro channel and saw amazing fireworks choreographed to music. Each Pyro company showed off their biggest and brightest. This is what we came to see! They really took the sparkle out of the regular fireworks that followed!

Havasu Fireworks 1

Saturday Feb 16th – Finally clear sunny skies! The grounds dried up, folks took to their lawn chairs and we went out and about.

Havasu A

While everyone seems to prefer the BIG RV’s and buses – I’m still drawn to the lil’ guys. It looked like they were traveling in a tiny gang. 

We went into Havasu and ended up at the 11th Annual Rockabilly Reunion. It was all versions of car show, SO many people, a 50’s pin-up swimsuit completion, and lots of vendors, both food and otherwise. I loved the booth where gals were paying to have 50’s hairstyles and make up done. There were all kinds of gals at the Reunion dressed artfully in 50’s attire – red lipstick and all.

We ate our Cowboy Supper while the Kevin Jaxon Band played in the background. We slid the truck back into our secret viewing spot and under clear skies watched another great night of fireworks. There were incredible BOOMS from the fireworks that you could feel right into your chest. They shook the mirrors on the truck and were so delayed from their firework origin they caught you off guard. JP loves those!


Sunday Feb 17th- We decided to do breakfast out today so we found a Black Bear Diner. It was packed so we sat at the counter. It proved to be interesting, watching a dozen servers jockey at the cook line for the orders to come up. Breakfast took 2 hours but it wasn’t because they weren’t trying to get ‘er done! We drove to take a look at Lake Havasu while the sun was shining!

Later we did Cowboy BBQ Dinner #3 and listened to Perfect Strangers play to a thinning crowd. Tonight was the last night of the Pyro Show. It was a shorter show and was about an hour behind schedule but turned out to be good.


Side Note: As good as the Pyrotechnic Show was – it wasn’t what it was planned to be. The Pyro Companies that were exhibiting their wares were limited this year because of weather. The display that was most impressive came in a 4’ trailer rather than the 40’ trailer they had packed but couldn’t get through the weather to bring to Havasu. The rains limited some of the fireworks too. I hope we’ll be back again somewhere down the line (in the 75 degree, clear skies, sunny Lake Havasu that we’ve visited in the past this time of year). I’ll add it to our bucket list!

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