It’s Our 2 Year Anniversary!

Saturday Jan 2, 2019
It’s our Lucky 2nd Anniversary!



So, this post’s a little longer and more personal. It’s OK if it’s not for you, feel free to wait on a post at our next stop. No hard feelings – part of having this blog is a travel journal so we can look back on our time on the road. It’s absolutely amazing that it’s been 2 years since we started our adventure!I’m still loving the gypsy life and 24 months later we have things pretty well locked down for living in our little trailer.

How we roll now:

  1. We’re even more organized and keep things super simple.
  2. Our RV skills are damn keen. We each have a routine, me for the inside and JP for the outside of Lucky and we can be set up or be ready to go in no time.
  3. We’ve mastered the art of campground/resort showers (we still use the shower and tub in Lucky as a storage closet). One towel/ one go-bag and we’re good.
  4.  JP and I have perfected all the moves to pass each other in the kitchen/dining room/ bedroom (otherwise known as the “great hall”).
  5. JP believes he is now “Jerry Ramsey” in his BBQ skills, though he’s a bit out of practice. I guess time will tell. 
  6. Bass tackle has become the new intrigue so there is never a sporting goods department that doesn’t need investigating (plus a token purchase or two).
  7. The flip side of Bass shopping is that it’s usually followed by a short trip to whatever casino is located nearby – cuz let’s be fair!
  8. Our bed in Lucky is divided “fairly” 1/3 for me and 2/3 for JP – and that usually works out fine.
  9. If one gets up during the night – everybody gets up.
  10. Most importantly we’ve been able to have more family time. It gives us something special to look forward to. We work our calendar so its never too long until the next Pomeroy Palooza! uu

The only downside to the traveling life is that my friends are so far away. JP’s fishing season in Oregon is when I look forward to some quality time with my gals but alas more and more of my friends lives are getting harder to pin down! This retirement thing seems to have caught on!

This past year had some unexpected challenges. It seems even with a perfect plan, life has its own agenda. It felt a little like this picture we took in a simulator at Balboa Park in San Diego (but minus those the grins)!


Last February we replaced Lucky #1 with a new Lucky #2 after a palm tree attacked us. In one quick stop we moved our life from one Springdale to another and carried on. Good bye Old Lucky!


In late Spring we ended up staying in the Valley in Lucky to be near medical care when JP was really ill. In the the Fall life was put on hold for a totally unexpected surgery. Lucky waited patiently in the driveway for us while we stayed at our friends home in Bandon until JP was recovered and we were ready to roll.

The good news is that when your LUCKY you’re lucky! At any point we could be telling another story but we’re relieved and beyond grateful to be back on the road! 

We aren’t able to see who looks in on the blog. We only know you visit if you post a comment, but WordPress does keep statistics and this is how our 2 year stats broke down.

We’ve posted 228 posts on We’ve had 1179 visitors (that’s you) and 6834 views (that’s each post read). Here is the amazing part . . . the blog has been viewed from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, China, Australia, Ireland, Philippines, Japan, India,Netherlands, Thailand, Hong Kong, Guadeloupe, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, European Union, Mexico. I’m not sure how this is the case but it is pretty interesting. That’s 31 countries! We can account for Canada because we have family there but otherwise I have no idea how our blog was found from afar. That is just SO COOL! 


Thank you for checking in on us or following along. The only drawback is that when we see you in person – well there’s not much left to tell that you haven’t already read, but we can live with that – there’s always a little dish on the side! You can always see where we plan to be next on the Itinerary Page in the blog.


We’re grateful for you, our friends. We have had the luxury of having you, have our backs and that’s what helps make this adventure possible. It continues to take a village back home, we love you for it!



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