White Tank Mountain and Surprise AZ

February 18th – 23rd, 2019

Monday Feb 18th – We left Havasu with all the other RV folks and headed back through Parker and Quartsite To White Tank Mountain. We’ve stayed here before but it looked really different this year. Its green! The weather here has been much different than our past visits. We settled in and made some calls to line up some work on Lucky in the AM. There was a tire rubbing and that just won’t due.

Tues Feb 19th  – So every dog has its day (and in this case 2). We left White Tank at 7:45 and didn’t get back until late afternoon on Tues. At the end of the day we had no work done at Camping World in Avondale AZ, though we had an appointment. They have rigs that have been waiting for months and it was “too bad it was still under Warranty because if it was 2 days later the Extended Warranty kicked in and we might get the work done sooner”. Under the original Warranty there were several steps that could cause it to take days, weeks, even months to complete the work! Needless to say, we weren’t in a place to make that work so the last part of the day was spent finding someone who could help us.

Wed Feb 20th – We left early to drive back to Avondale and drop Lucky at a private shop so they could repack the bearings. Even though it took until after 1:00 to finish up we were grateful they worked us in! We window shopped Avondale until Lucky was ready to roll on to the tire shop and get 4 new tires. We’re now safe on the road with new 8-ply tires and happy bearings (and a MAMMOTH dislike for Camping World Avondale AZ). In the evening we got together with Jean and Randy Miner our longtime friends from Sweet Home. We had a lovely steak dinner and cocktails and caught up.

Thurs Feb 21st – We headed back into Happy Trails in Surprise for another visit with the Miner’s. I was SO happy to have Jean do my hair while we were there. Its hard on the road – there’s a real “stranger danger” going into a shop where you just hope you’ll leave happy. Later that evening Jean and Randy took us to the Theater at Happy Trails. It was nice seeing some familiar faces from Sweet Home sitting with us at our table. The show was really well done and they have a big theater group. Lots of good music (it’s all lip sync) and costumes! It was a nice night out!

Friday Feb 22nd – Saturday Feb 23rd – We needed a couple of downtime days so we decided to hunker down at White Tank. We’ve had to change sites 4 times since we got here because the park has been full. Our last night we had to dry camp in the overflow but it all worked out. The park has an amazing library at its base. It’s hard to post on the blog without a good WIFI connection. We spent a couple of hours in the Libraty – its a great view! Most of the library is windows into the desert.

It has been truly cold in AZ. There has been snow on the hills around the park and at night its cold enough to freeze the water hoses. Lucky stays warm (though taking a shower is challenging)! 

White Tank 5 2019

We head to New Mexico soon and will be at a higher elevation so were crossing our fingers this cold streak will come to an end. We thought about changing our itinerary but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere we can go where it isn’t winter. I guess it’s all part of the adventure! This picture was posted on FB – I guess not even the Palm Springs area is safe right now!











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