Well Worth Waiting For

Sunday May 6, 2018
JP was on the water early again today. Today was our last day here so everyone is getting their last shot on the water. The fish were running hot and cold but there is always the chance that the next cast will be THE one. 

Wild Billy 1

There’s a fly fisher here that has some crazy cool drones. They are the real deal! He flies then over the lake and they’re amazing to watch.

Everybody fished from the shore or their pontoon or the row boats.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather. A success in every way! 

It was just by chance that we ended up being invited along on this annual trip. The gang here: Gene and Judy, Beth and Craig and grandson Cole, Lynn, Gary, Jack Jr, and Jack (the fella JP met at 7 Feathers) were all awesome. We’ve been invited back next year and may have a side trip on the books with Gene and Judy this summer. Yep – looks like we may be hangin’ in Oregon this summer with Lucky – cuz well – there’s the fishing!

Wild Billy Lake 12


One thought on “Well Worth Waiting For

  1. Sure enjoyed getting to know both of you! Such a fun, relaxing trip! Hopefully we will get to see you again soon!

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