A Fishing We Will Go

Friday May 4th, 2018
JP was up way early to hit the water. He was pretty excited! He has been so looking forward to this trip! The trout are BIG here and the lake and horizons are beautiful!
I was all dressed up and ready to row when  JP’s boat seat broke (from excessive rowing I’m sure) so we took one of the row boats out in the afternoon.

I’m not a fly-fisher but JP hooked me up and we got to catch a couple big ones. 

The pelicans were out in a group today. They’re amazing to watch. Big bright white, beautiful birds with wings tipped in black and bright orange bills. They glide over the water and huddle in a group on the far shore.

By the end of the day JP had fixed his pontoon and tied more of the preferred flies and was ready for another early morning on the Lake.

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