The Trout Are Taunting Me

Saturday May 5th, 2018
Jerry had a good morning while I slept in and finished my book. We took a row boat out after lunch and though this is a “catch and release” lake, I’ve made it a “bite and release” lake. I can get their attention and have a good hit but have trouble keeping them on. I’m glad JP is just working on teaching me the mechanics of catching for now (he’s casting for me) because fly fishing is no where near the same as bait fishing. Wild Billy Lake 8

The day was gorgeous and JP caught some good size trout.

At one point we were the only ones on the lake, a bald eagle was making loops overhead, the pelicans were huddled against the far shore . . . all this with the background music of fellow fly fisher Gene, playing the mandolin at the the waters edge. How could there be a more a perfect day?

Wild Billy Lake 21


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