And We’re Here!

Thursday May 3rd, 2018
We’ve had some Siri problems again. This time she has confused North and South (she seriously can’t be trusted). Luckily JP had a map to the private property that holds Wild Billy Lake. The road was a little rough and narrow with limbs to avoid so we took it slow and easy.
This trip came about because when we were at the Seven Feathers RV Park last year our neighbor saw the pontoons in the truck and he and JP got to talking. It turned out they both knew a fly fisherman from Lebanon named Gene Stutzman and the invite was on.

What a place! This is a private 200 acre lake so our party of new friends are the only occupants at the camp and cabins. I’ve met some really nice people. It’s super  casual and everyone just does their own thing and at days end, if you are so inclined – there is the campfire for all.Wild Billy Lake 19My new neighbor Judy let me tag along on one of her hikes. She shared her binoculars and we spotted antelope, a bald eagle with a young one in nest, wild horses, and deer. A great first day! 

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