On To The City of Angels

Thursday April 18th, 2019 

April 18th – We were up and at ’em and had all of our gear transferred from the truck into Lucky so we could store him at the KOA while we are visiting the kids in LA. Even though we left on schedule it took a good 2 -1/2 hours to get to Ben’s place (cuz well – traffic). 

LA Traffic

When we were waiting for Ben we walked up to Whole Foods. Why would anyone cook when you can have any combination of healthy awesome food  for 8.99 a pound AND if you’re feeling tense, get a massage just outside near the gorgeous outdoor flower mart. Really? When Ben got home from work we went to the beautiful Century City Mall. You can shop for your Rolex and Tesla after you’ve found that perfect outfit at Bloomingdales. I on the other hand found the Container Store and was as happy as an organizer can be! Last stop was a hearty dinner at Fatburgers. 



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