Kickin’ It With Ben

Friday April 19th, 2019

Ben had to work some today but made us a nice breakfast before he headed out. We lounged and watched TV (something we don’t have on the road much). JP and I went walking and toured Whole Foods again. I didn’t recognize much of anything brand wise but the fresh food, produce and bakery is amazing. Later Ben took us to A16 Outfitters so JP could do some window shopping. The boys had a good time!

Later we did dinner at Kura. Its a sushi place with a track around the tables so you can snag your sushi dish as it passes by on the conveyor belt. Each plate has 2 – 3 pieces of sushi on it. Once you’ve eaten a plate clean, you slip the empty plate in a slot at the end of your table. Your bill is determined by the number of plates for your table. We hit 33 plates – guess we were hungry! 


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