Almost Ready to Roll South

Wednesday April 17th, 2019

Today was a prep day, so we can roll on down the road to see the kids in LA on Thursday. We did our chores, packed for the trip and took a siesta. We decided to try one more Mexican meal. We kept it local and ate at Casa Blanca in Desert Hot Springs. I read they had a good Happy Hour – and it was for sure! I had the Blue Margarita and JP had a Tequila Sunrise. The food was good but the drinks were awesome! No skimping on the alcohol and for a mere $4.50 you were blurry eyed before your chips and salsa were gone. It was a fun night out and I had my favorite Margarita so far! I’ll still be on the prowl though – just to be sure it’s truly the winner!  We hit the hot tub after dinner (boy I’m going to miss that) and hit it early so we could make the move in the AM. 

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