The Eastern Side of Oregon

June 24th – June 30th, 2018
Sunday: We pulled into Crane Prairie Lake RV Campground and were settled in no time flat. The weather was great and even though it’s not poolside in Arizona, it’s awesome to be in the sunshine. JP got everything fishing in order and ready to go. He was on the lake giving the bass a run for the money until well after sunset. He caught 3 nice ones and the campers next door added them to their dinner menu.

Monday:  JP was up at way too early for me, and on the lake until breakfast. Later we both were on the Crane Prairie in our pontoons until evening.  Even in the wind he caught 2 bass but alas none for me. There were tons o’ geese and their families on the shore. We watched an otter family playing hide and seek in the logs, saw an osprey fishing and an eagle overhead keeping an eye on things. 

Tuesday:  Now that we have some answers about why JP hasn’t been feeling himself we were glad to have a Walgreen’s in Bend not too far away to pick up an RX and get him feeling better.  We had our 46th Anniversary outing at a great place I found on TripAdvisor called Brother Jon’s Public House.

46th Anniversary


It was really good food and seeing as it was a special occasion – I opted for not just 1, but 2 Cadillac Margaritas. Our next stop was Walmart and it was way more fun with cocktails onboard! On our way back to camp we saw a young black bear high tailing it across the road. We’ve had some brazen chipmunks and a pretty doe who strolled right through our campsite at dusk in the evening – like we aren’t even there.

JP is studying bass fishing techniques online in his down time – a whole different slant on a new style of fishing . I think (hope) he has all his bass gear now, (last item was new bass tackle box) now all he needs is Big Ole Bass! 

Wednesday:  Off to Bend again, this time to get mud flaps for the front of the Silverado. We did a  swoop through Costco (yeah there were samples galore) and when we headed back to camp JP made a run for the Quinn River and Davis Lake for late afternoon and evening fishing. He caught a couple of bass at Davis but he did a lot of fishing! The wind’s been pretty constant and he was pretty beat at the end of the day!

Thursday: JP was out in the early AM and I exercised my right to sleep in. After he came back for lunch I cut him loose for the day so I could catch up on the stuff that you still have to do on the road especially if you are lucky enough to have some internet.  “Jerry’s Fishing Season” is a completely different mode from our other travels, but I’ve managed to keep busy and appreciate the quiet and peaceful days with a book in hand. Today his quest was gathering info at Wickiup for an upcoming Bass Tournament, but the lake is huge and the winds were mighty, so he gathered what info he could from fisherman he talked to. 

Friday and Saturday:
When everyday is a camping day – you forget about summer weekends and holidays! It’s been decades since we’ve spent much time in this part of Oregon and things have definitely grown and changed. This weekend started the 4th of July Holiday Week and it was very much the place to be for families, kayaks, bikes and boats. The campgrounds all had full signs and day use was at capacity all around us. Elk Lake looked like great family fun!

Elk Lake

We’re headed south east in the AM to Summer Lake. Its kind of out there and likely  not as popular for the weekend/holiday crowd. I cant believe tomorrow is July 1st~ ALREADY! Summer is here and its gonna be hot!

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