Way Out Yonder!

July 1st – July 7th 2018
Sunday: we made a pit stop at Rays in La Pine for some groceries. It had to be the last real store for miles because the prices rivaled John Day, where we suffered from sticker shock!


We pulled in to Anna Reservoir RV. It’s small and clean and wide open. The 4th of July crowds are nowhere to be seen. We took a little scouting drive and stopped to visit the little store at Summer Lake and called it a day. Summer Lake is an alkali lake so it is rimmed in what looks like white sand. Its low this time of year and fish can’t survive in it but the ducks don’t seem to mind. 

Summer Lake Store

JP took the picture of these unidentified bones he came across at Summer Lake. Guess whatever it was – was not an alkali fan!

Ana River

Monday: JP chatted up some guys on an intel gathering quest, then took off mid morning. It was sunny but pretty windy. JP fished Anna Reservoir and the Anna River. He came home with a 18” trout, a big grin and the secret fly that seemed to do the trick!

Tuesday: JP loaded us up and we headed south and up into the hills to a little lake at 6,249′ above sea level. Withers lake is not very big but perfect for pontooning. It was just us and one other fisherman.

There were lots of Brook Trout but you had to work for them and they weren’t very big – but oh so pretty!

It was sunny but cooler in the higher altitude and the wildlife was pretty tame. Apparently it’s free range for the cows and their calves who seem to own the road!

Wednesday: Happy Fourth of July! We went exploring in the AM and found ourselves off road more than on road to reach  Thompson Reservoir. Damn that Siri!  By the time we got there we just weren’t that interested. It was really long rough drive and no easy access to the water that we could see. We decided to call it off and found the easy well paved road home. We took the rest of the day off and kicked it at camp!  Thompson Reservoir

Thursday:  JP was up at 5:00 to be the early bird at Anna Reservoir. Later he took a hike along the Ana River.  He saw some bait fisherman catch nice size trout on power bait but alas, no fly fishing catches today. It was windy by the time he got back so he spent the afternoon tying flies to present to the fish on tomorrow’s adventure.

Ana River –

Ana Reservoir-

Friday: Day of Pause. JP still not feeling so hot so we hunkered down and spent the day binge watching the series Dirty Little Lies. Really well done show! Tomorrow is another day!

Saturday: JP did some morning fishing on the Ana Reservoir and had some luck which is a good way to start the day.

We drove into Bend for the day at around noon to make a Walgreen’s run. Turned out to be a pretty productive day! We got all of our grocery shopping done and grabbed a late lunch at Panda Express. They were basically out of everything and it was a minimum 15 minute wait but we toughed it out. The manager was awesome though! Because of the wait she threw in a large order of orange chicken and bag of cheese wontons. Nice! We left full and had a free dinner for tomorrow night! JP spent some time on the phone changing plans for us while I restocked our books and movies at Goodwill. It looks like we are staying here for another week.  JP really likes it here! 

ANa Resevoir Sunset













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