Oakridge Oregon – North & Middle Willamette River

June 17th – June 22nd, 2018

Sunday looked promising with weather in the 80’s and clear skies but alas it was dark and stormy and rained like crazy! We settled into our reserved camp spot but found it not to be quite what we expected, so we ventured out to find something a little more “outdoorsy”.

Monday: We moved up the road to Casey’s RV right on the river. It was a lovely park (everyone says so, Good Sam Club gave it a 10 in every category)! We weren’t there but an hour and JP was on the river with his fly rod in hand and the sun shining overhead.

Tuesday:  The weather has been changing every day – in every way. Sunshine, blue skies, cloudy, windy, dark and stormy, rainy but still mostly warm. We have a railroad track directly across from us and the trains HOWL through during the evening and late at night. It wakes us up but it really is kinda cool. JP has been fly-fishing in the river and some other areas nearby but not much catchin’ going on. Seems there hasn’t been a good run off this year. There’s a covered bridge here that’s a one laner but pretty neat!

Wednesday:  Just like bills and taxes on the road, some things (even if you are living the gypsy life) go on anyway. Neither of us have felt perky and I’m still recovering from some odd allergy cough that inflamed my lungs and put me on the evil prednisone. JP has had a weird little flu so we took the day and relaxed and did nothing eventful at all. JP tied some flies, I read most of the day. We went to town for Chinese at Lees Gourmet Garden where the owner recognized Jerry as a fellow fisherman and had tips for places to fish. The food and service at Lee’s was really good! It’s a 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor and right on. Later we cozied up to watch the 6th Harry Potter movie in a row. One to go. We were late to the movies but I think their fun!

Thursday : Oakridge is small – population maybe 3200. There isn’t a lot in the way of shopping but the town seems to have everything it needs to carry on with life here. We decided to take a 40 minute field trip to Springfield for groceries and fishing supplies. JP ‘s boat seat on his pontoon has been broken since Wild Billy so we needed to replace that. Plus JP had a Gift Certificate from the kids for  Dad’s day burning a hole in his pocket!Cabelas Loot

It was a good day (though in my book, any day that begins with a McDonald’s and ends with Panda Express is a good day)! Today the park was filled with those ever appealing and shiny trailers that make my heart skip a little beat – the AIRSTREAMS have arrived. We haven’t heard why the migration, no signs or displays. Ah-  but to see them all lined up in their shiny glory is a sight! Personally I like the Bambi, its too small to live in and too cute to care. 

Friday: JP was up early fishing and found his niche today. He fished the CT Park in his pontoon until noon and came back smilin’! He and his new tackle caught a couple 4 pound bass. He was one happy fella!

Later we made the rounds through town and JP showed me the Reservoir where he had his lucky Bass Day. It was too windy to go out but a really pretty drive.

We stopped at a garage sale (not that we actually needed a thing but .  . . ) It was our lucky day! We left with the exact seat we needed to replace the pontoon boat seat that had broken (yes! we had just purchased a $40.00 replacement seat at Walmart but it was green and camo and didn’t match the blue boat so it was NOT the perfect boat seat in my mind). JP disassembled the garage sale seat and I scrubbed it to near new. The cushions from the broken seat fastened in perfectly and for a mere $1.00 (original asking price was $2.00) we had the (matching) replacement for JP’s pontoon. Back in biz – and back to Wally’s for a return! I feel much better about the matching thing  ; )

This week flew by! I wouldn’t mind staying a little longer but I’m sure we’ll be back somewhere down the road. Next stop – Crane Prairie.


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