And Back In The Valley

June 14th – June 17th, 2018

We made a loop back through to Lebanon and cozied Lucky into our friend Gwen’s driveway. I got to spend time with Gwen (and Presley) and JP got busy with some chores.

GwenWe came back to the Valley so JP could be on board for a Bass Tournament on Saturday. Our friend Ben  has a shiny new bass boat that was rarin’ to go. Friday night we stayed at Ben and Wanda’s super cool apartment (at their house!) The boys needed to be up and on the road at 2:30 AM to reach Woahink Lake by  5:00 AM. 

Here’s Jerry’s tale of the day:

“I was fortunate enough to be invited to fish with Ben for a bass tournaments on Saturday. The tourney was at Woahink lake below Florence Oregon. It’s a large lake surrounded by lush green hills and some beautiful homes, accessible only by boat. Lots of docks and boat houses that bass like to use as feeding and hiding spots. The morning started out early, we were the first boat on the lake but as luck would have it we were the last to leave, we drew the short straw.  The weather started out cold and a wet and turned windy as the day progressed. Fishing was difficult. The waves kept the boat twisting and out of position for most of the day. Ben caught a few fish as the day went on, but I was fishless, not much help. The boat can weigh in 5 fish and total weight wins. We had three fish in the boat by about noon and they were on the small side. Just when we thought the fishing couldn’t get worse, the boat started acting strange. We couldn’t get up on plane, so we couldn’t level out and gain speed across the lake. We we were sinking! The boat was taking on water, water was coming through the floor and the rear battery, and the electrical compartment was almost underwater. Our first thought was the plug was out but that wasn’t it, then we thought water was coming over the stern with the wind but ruled that out since the bilge pump was running but couldn’t keep up. With Ben balanced on the very front of the boat to keep it low enough to see, I steered the boat towards the boat ramp. We pulled the boat and called it a day. We didn’t weigh in – we knew the total catch was too small to qualify. We opted for a good sea food restaurant, cold beer, and a review of our curious day. Ben and boat have a service appointment this week. Hopefully an easy fix!”

Wanda and I had the day to ourselves and made the most of it visiting until the fellas came back in the early evening. It was early to bed for the weary fisherman and a day they will likely talk about for awhile! The next morning we headed to the Point Restaurant in Sweet Home for a Father’s Day breakfast. The place was hopping and the food was great!

We’re looking forward to camping together next month for another tournament at Wickiup – I can’t wait!


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