Plans Can Change!

It’s been hard trying to travel to parts unknown and return to parts we just have to revisit AND have JP in areas where he can fish familiar water in the right weather and return to spots he hasn’t seen in decades and wants to to go back to.

The best way to make it work was for a change in plans. My present for JP’s Birthday this year was “Jerry’s Fishing Season”. We can go anywhere he wants, dry camping or otherwise, fly fishing or otherwise, bank fishing or pontoon boat. If we are near places I can drop out for a bit to be with friends I will, but otherwise the itinerary is all his from June 1st through mid Nov.


We’re already booked into Bandon from August 15th to November 15th for salmon, crab, bass, and ocean fishing. I’ll travel back and forth between Bandon and the Valley and maybe take some field trips of my own during that time. The time between now and Nov 15th – all his.

My “Travel Season” will start when we leave Bandon in November – through the last week of May 2019 when we’ll return for the 2nd Annual Jones’s Ten Mile Bass Tournament Week. I think this will work out just fine!

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