Ten Mile Lake – 1st Annual Jones’s Family Bass Tournament

May 24th 2018 – June 1st, 2018

We spent the week with Wanda and Ben and a bunch of their family at Ten Mile Lake (conveniently located a short drive from the Mill and Three Rivers Casino in Coos Bay). The weather was warm, cold, windy and sunny depending on the day. The food was awesome! These folks have meals down to a science. Being the chef that I am (not) I thoroughly appreciated their planning and prep. Thanksgiving Dinner while camping? Who knew? Everyone spent their day as they pleased with a 6:00 timeline for dinner. The boats came and went all day and into the evening with their bass count and fishing tales.

Saturday was the First Annual Jone’s Family Bass Tournament. The fellas hit it hard from first light to the 2:00 deadline. Ben had really cool trophies for the winners. Cory won biggest fish and Cory and son Gabe won the 1st place trophy. Ben, Jerry and Brad won 2nd place. There was an all you can eat bass fry and cocktail hour Saturday night to celebrate! Even cocktail hours were first rate – not just a beer and a shot, oh no – margaritas and strawberry daquiris in the blender and whip cream to boot! We were a fun crowd at the campfire that night!

The number of campers was around 20 over the week we were there. The newest member of the group was Ben and Wanda’s new baby Payson who kept everyone on their toes. He was a really good boy for his first camping trip and looked darling in his life vest when he went out in the boat with the guys!

Other than the hole that targeted Wanda’s foot and managed to fracture her ankle on Memorial Day, all went smoothly. Even though it was Memorial Day, Reedsport Hospital got them in pretty quickly and sent her home with crutches, instructions, a wrap and a disc of her x-rays so she could follow up at home. She was a Super Trooper and decided to stay at Ten Mile for the rest of the week as planned. 1st picture was at camp and then (Yeow!) after she got home!

Casino Wins for the Girls – Well. . . .it was fun!                                                                          Bass Count for the week – LOTS! up to 4 plus pounds and some nice Trout to Boot!

10 Mile Lake 2018 T

Side Note: Ben bought a new Bass Boat this season and has invited JP to be his partner in some Bass Tournaments this year. He was pretty stoked about it so the Ten Mile Trip was a learning adventure for him. He paid very close attention. Good thing – otherwise he wouldn’t have known he needed a trip to Cabela’s for a new Bass rod and reel and a few bits of tackle! He’s all set now expect for . . . a new bass tackle box and ? ? ?. There’s always a sporting good selection somewhere on the road. I’m sure he’ll be good to go in no time!

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