First Stop – Chimney Rock Campground, Crooked River, OR

June 1st, 2018 – June 4th,2018

What a beautiful spot on the Crooked River! We were only one of maybe 3 campers here though there is a little activity in the day use areas. It was hot and sunny with a breeze. We dry camped which we haven’t done much of in the past. We parked near the river’s edge so the sound of the water was the background music day and night. We used our generator and there was potable water (though it was a pump) and vault restrooms. It was peaceful and relaxing and I had plenty of time to read and work on our blog.

JP had all the gear to fly-fish here and spent his time roaming and wading the river. The fish were small but there was some catching going on. I’m thinking after catching the big bass at Ten Mile Bass any trout would seem a bit small on the river!

JP Fish Note: It took few days to locate the trout as the water level in the Crooked River are at summer levels but they were holed up in the deeper cooler waters. White fish were abundant and are still a lot of fun to catch. All in all the trip brought back some pleasant memories of trips on the Crooked.

A Picture perfect place to be!

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