We Put in Some Miles . . .

Wednesday March 28th, 2018
Suzanne took the day off to play with us today so after breakfast we headed back to Balboa Park. We went to the Cannibals Myth and Reality Exhibit at the Museum Of man. Odd and interesting topic to be sure.

The Museum buildings are really ornate and impressive.

SD Balboa 20

Next we went on  the California Tower Tour. It had lots of spiral steps and a view at the top that went on forever. Its been a reconstruction effort since it’s been closed for 80 years! If you make a $5,000 donation to the Tower your name goes on a lighted plate in a step of the tower walk. There is one step that looks like this:zzThe photo isn’t very good but we were on stairs in a group and the lighting was bad. The message above the donors names is in another another language – guess what language? ELVIN! Yes! The language of Lord of the Rings! The guys that made that donation – brilliant! The stairs weren’t as scary as I thought they would be and he view from the top of the California Tower was totally worth it!

SD Tower US

We went to the indoor gardens at Balboa too. Balboa Park was actually created from San Diego’s Worlds Fair in 1915. It’s pretty amazing. Google it – you’ll be impressed! The plant life was beautiful and the orchids – oh my!

We worked up an appetite that could only be satisfied by Phil’s BBQ. The line to get in went around the building! OMG! Yeah, we split the half rack of beef ribs dinner and left with the scent of BBQ trailing behind us. We headed to the pier and the Point Loma Public Market.

It had food booths, and yes, there is always room on a full BBQ stomach for a macaroon cookie extraordinaire! So sad really – so many kinds of upscale food and no way to eat another bite!

By dusk we’d had a full day but who doesn’t have it in ‘em for a quick trip to Barona Casino in Lakeside. Amazing new machines! No wins but tons of fun packed into just an hour. We couldn’t have packed more fun into one day if we tried!Barona_Casino_Lakeside_California

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