Across the Border We Did Go

Thursday March 29th, 2018
It was opening day for the San Diego Padres so we stopped by the field and got lucky enough to be there for the National Anthem with the five F18s flying in formation over the stadium and the red flares and all! We stayed long enough to watch Trevor Hoffman throw the first pitch to his brother. Everyone was hyped and happy -Play Ball!

We left after that and headed for our primary destination – Tijuana. We cut through the Hard Rock Hotel where we saw some great photos, I found a restaurant with a name I loved and we marveled at all the bikes everywhere you can rent via your phone app to ride around town on!

Our next stop was Tijuana. Harry and JP got haircuts (well that’s another story) and we walked through the shops. Oddly we had lunch at a Ramen place. The food was good but it seemed peculiar?

Harry took us to the Caliente Casino. They guys had beers while I had a blast! The machines weren’t in English or US dollars. You can pay US $ for a card that holds the amount you paid for it and you scan your card at machine. Apparently I won $8.00! Though while I was playing – nope! not a clue what I was doing or what I had won. 

Before we left Harry took us to Caesar’s for a Caesar Salad (made at your table), burrito and of course, a margarita for me. It’s a really nice restaurant and rumored to be where the original Caesar Salad was created. It was a great day and always better when you are with someone who is familiar with Mexico like Harry.

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