Eggs and Modern Art

Friday March 16th, 2018 

Today we’re downtown Palm Springs bound. I still had that mimosa flight on my mind (and a complementary breakfast card) so first thing – breakfast at The Broken Yolk. Ann and I split a flight so we could give them all a taste test. Fun and yummy. After a hearty breakfast the plan was to stroll around downtown Palm Springs.

We only browsed one shop before we decided to walk the few blocks to the Palm Springs Art Museum. How awesome! Two very different types of art museums in two days. My head was swimming! I have no idea what I will do with the hundred of pictures we couldn’t help but take between us but here is a sampling. I’m sure you’ll recognize Andy Warhol, but there was so much more.

Then there was this Chihuly glass sculpture – Wow!

PS Art 17We came across this couple in the upper floor of the museum. They look like average folks but looked a little worn out from the art experience. . . .

Turns out they are the art experience – they are a couple sitting on a bench apparently a bit bored. It actually took us a  couple of passes to realize they WERE the art. It was amazingly realistic. Such ordinary looking humans making an extraordinary art piece! 


After our day at the museim we took a breather at the Agua Soliel where Mike and Ann had moved to since the park model at our park was only available for 2 nights. Then off for a genuinely gigantic meal at Kam Lun Chinese. 

Ague Soliele.jpg

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