Art Attack!

Thursday March 15th, 2018
JP cooked breakfast for us at the Park Model so we could get an early start on our trip towards LA to visit the J Paul Getty Museum . It was amazing! I hadn’t been in forever and JP had only been to the grounds which are gorgeous.

We were lucky because it rained the night before and the views were rare and pretty impressive!

It was amazing! There was so much to take in!  It’s 15.00 to park and the museum itself is free. You take a tram (also free) to the actual Getty complex.

I could post SO many pictures but none would be close to seeing them in person and it would take days and days to give you the info on each piece and artist. I’ll just post a sampling to give you an idea of what the Getty holds.

We headed out at 10:30 AM and headed home at 3:15 which got us back around 7:30 with traffic. We were pretty beat and hungry by the time we got back to Desert Hot Springs. Luckily we found the perfect margarita and a solid Mexican dinner at the South of the Border Restaurant. It was an art-full day! South of Border DHS

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