Way Too Short A Visit!

Saturday March 17th, 2018 

There were still mimosa flavors Ann and I hadn’t sampled so we had another fine breakfast at the Broken Yolk this morning. We thought we might try that downtown stroll again before they had to head home to Clovis. We’re hoping we can meet up again for more fun field trips and sightseeing.  It was a short but awesome visit!

After breakfast we’d only walked a block before we found a little museum I’d read about that intrigued me. Why? Because I’d never heard of a General Store Museum and because they charge $1.00 entry fee (up from the .95 cents it cost when the brochure was printed). It was so cool! A man named James Ruddy was a collector and wanted to share the past with the present. He is pictured in the photo below on the right. “Open our door and step 70 years back in time.” Inside you step back into the ’30 and 40’s (though there are some items from the late 1800’s) and are standing in a general store from another time.

The thing is – every package, can, container, and box – holds its original contents. Every item is in pristine condition. The clothing has never been worn. The cigarette packages, pop bottles, candy and medicine bottles all contain the original contents, (with the exception of opiods – but that isn’t surprising). One man’s collection so impeccable its hard to imagine. The popped corn in the popcorn popper is 50 years old, the pickles in the pickle jar are 80 years old. The owner passed away last year but the museum lives on. Such an intriguing little place. I was so glad we came across it!

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