Sunday on the Move

Sunday Feb 18th, 2018

We were up and at ‘em and on the road from Tucson to Buckeye today. It’s a couple hours with traffic so we pulled in mid-day. We’ve really got a routine down so we were set up in no time. It’s hard this time of year in AZ to find available sites. We checked into Leaf Verde RV Park. Ours was their last open site, at the end of the road, with a fire hydrant at our door and no room for a picnic table. It would be a bother if this week was going to be anything but shopping for a new trailer. So it isn’t great but it’ll do. Buckeye has all the basics like Wally World, a shopping center and a Panda Express. We’ll be fine here! Plus there’s the extra bonus! Surprise AZ is only a half hour away so we can spend some time with our friends Jean and Randy . 

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