The Hunt Is On!

Monday Feb 19th, 2018

This week sure won’t be the most interesting of blog posts because we are all about the trailer search. Today we spent the day looking online, on our phones and in rows and rows of RV’s.


Then for some relief we went to one of my favorite AZ restaurants The Wildflower Bakery where they have awesome turkey waldorf salad and sourdough bread to die for! Then back to the drawing board.

It seemed like this would be easier but there aren’t many trailers in the size we want and there aren’t very many used trailers on the lots. We scoured RV Trader and Craigslist everyplace we thought we may be staying at or driving through but just couldn’t find a match. We did find a new Springdale trailer in Turlock Ca. but we wouldn’t be headed that direction for another month.

Camping WOrld

So Camperworld in Avondale (25 min away) is a Springdale Dealer – and had the brand new version of our original Lucky. Some things have improved in 7 years and some things not as handy but pretty darn close. SO – I had the ad info from the Turlock Trailer and after all the negotiating for best deal, we told the sales guy we would likely hold out for the Turlock trailer because the price was still less than their very best final offer  – so they matched it and the deal was done. We are on the way to having a 2018 version of Lucky! The rest of the day was a blur of terms, condition, insurance and finance stuff. We were beat by end of day and happy to get back to “old Lucky” before dark.

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