The Early Bird Just Gets Breakfast

Saturday Fed 17th, 2018

We were up and prepared with our lunch packed and a Denny’s breakfast onboard when we headed out to the many RV Dealerships here in Tucson. The traffic here is awful and the roads lights and on-ramps are all really really confusing! So at least the Dealerships were all in the same vicinity. No rain, clear skies and only a little cool. A good day to find the perfect new Lucky 2 or 22 Lucky or ???

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Most lots were big enough that they had carts so you didn’t have to walk across acres of units. We looked, we looked hard. The sales folks were helpful and not pushy at all. We made it easy because we know what has worked for us so we could give specifics to narrow things down. And  . . . Lo and behold! We weren’t able to find anything that fit the bill. We aren’t trying to upgrade, or add size or change class. We just want to be as comfy in our next trailer as we have been in ours. But literally nothing we saw was a fit for us. 

Once we like something we keep it and often when the time comes, we replace it with something similar. My friends will attest to that about me in almost every situation. But I was totally on-board to support whatever new and different trailer JP thought would be best for us and in the end – we BOTH just want the trailer we’ve been calling home on the road. Now the quest is to find another Keystone Springdale 179QB somewhere to fill the bill. Ours was a 2011 (used only 3 times) but this go round it will likely need to be a new or newer version if we can find one – and in a hurry!

BTW – JP was feeling better today so we finally got to go to an excellent Mexican dinner! It will be nice to have him back to his old self again,

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