Tuscon to Git ‘Er Done

Monday Feb 12th, 2018
It was time for the truck to have its maintenance warranty work done so we went to the SUPER HUGE Chevy Dealership. It had well marked lanes filled with cars all lined up for service work. Super efficient, $3.00 coupon toward a treat in their cafe while you wait and great service. All done and road ready! The truck was there a couple of hours so obviously this photo was from prior to opening.

We got some essentials, found Costco, Macy’s, and Walgreen’s and officially had our to do list done! Sadly though JP seems to have picked up an upper respiratory bug. It was really a bummer since he just got over being really sick at the end of December and into January.  So Lucky, the weather (cloudy, cool, rainy) and JP aren’t doing great. But! tomorrow is another day!

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