3 Beads of Courage

Tuesday Feb 13th, 2018                                                                                                                  We found a little artist/gallery plaza with a few outdoor sculptures and then wandered into a place called Beads of Courage.

The little store front is a bead store and place for volunteers to make this unique and amazing concept work for kids battling life threatening diseases. They are able to collect a bead for each phase, injection, transfusions, therapy, procedure and other obstacles that they encounter as they’re treated for their illness. You can see some examples in the picture above.

It’s overwhelming and heartbreaking to say the least. Please look at beadsofcourage.org or look up Beads of Courage on CBS online to learn about their mission for kids. The pictures of the kids with their layers of necklaces of beads makes you realize how difficult and overwhelming life is for them and their families. And .  . . . how fortunate our life has been.

*This post deserves to stand alone – so the rest of our day will be in a seperate post.


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