North To Tucson We Go!

Sunday Feb 11th, 2018
Off today for the short trek to Tucson. We stopped for a quick
breakfast bite at McDonald’s and pulled into Rincon Country RV West for our next weeks stay.  It was voted “Mega Park of the Year” and is a resort community that welcomes RV’s. So basically it’s well equipped community of 1000 units equipped with anything you might need to relax and be entertained.

Unfortunately we got off to a rough start getting into our site. As were backing in to our site the front edge of Lucky scraped the palm tree between where our camper pad and our truck parking slab were located. It didn’t seem to be that awful. We weren’t even going 2 miles an hour. The scrape was at the seam on the the front corner on the driver side. Well as you might guess –  that definitely put a damper on the day. We contacted our insurance then it was all about waiting for the insurance adjuster and keeping our fingers crossed. Not nuclear war or terminal illness but upsetting to say the least!

Side Note: Did you know that McDonald’s prices aren’t locked in? Every McDonald’s can charge what they feel their market will bear. We always order the exact same thing and the total with tax in AZ varies from 11.00 – 15.00. I’m thinking Denny’s Senior Menu might be the better deal, especially since at McDonald’s we consider our standard order to be a “Mystery Meal” since it’s usually to go and seldom exactly what we ordered!

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