Continued from Feb 13th

Tuesday Feb 13th, 2018
So in the little square near Beads of Courage there were a couple of interesting pieces. It looks like the maybe the naked lady is asking the passerby if her pose makes her butt look big? Yes, I know, odd things entertain me endlessly!



Later we  headed into the 4th Street District. We had fun hanging out there about the same time last year. Its my kinda place – all funky, quirky and original with a retro vibe. Berkely -esque from back in the day.

We like a shop called Pop Cycle that’s all objects made of other stuff, recycled stuff, odd stuff. 

Like seriously, look at these pieces in Mabel’s on 4th, I have absolutely no explanation as to why these odd hanging doll recycle pieces intrigue me so!  They certainly wouldn’t fit in what I generally like – contemporary modern, so I wouldn’t buy one for myself. Though imagining the reaction of one of my girlfriends opening this up as a gift from me thrills me to the bone! Exactly what would that reaction be? I can’t even imagine how I would respond – weirdness abounds!

We had planned to visit the Museum of Modern Art which is apparently only open a few days a week, which seems to be the case for a lot of the museums we have tried to visit. Maybe another day would be better anyway since JP is being a sport but not feeling very well. Cough syrup and a hot tub and the day came to a close.

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