On the Road Again!


After our trip to Vegas with the kids we regrouped in Lebanon and headed over to the coast. We settled in at Coquille River RV. We were a stones throw from the refuge and just down the road from the boat ramp. The perfect spot for JP!

He and fishing buddies Robert and Mike managed to catch some nice fish even though it was a tough year for fisherman overall. We did have salmon and crab though and some bottom fish to boot!  JP’s brother Harry came up for a visit and scored too (bottom left photo)!


While he was on the water I was on the move! My trips to California, Reno, Florence and Newport were all awesome! I was so happy to spend time with family and then some time with friends in both of our hometowns. While I was away JP had a chance to have some company at camp too. So we were both happy campers!

Our plan was to head down the California coast mid November on the next leg of our adventure, but JP had a deer vs. Silverado moment and that put our truck in the shop for repairs. So lucky both husband and Lucky were unscathed. Gwen kindly put us up in Lebanon while we were in the waiting mode. We’ll have less time at each of our destinations but that’s OK – we are on our own schedule.


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