Wheels Down for Fishing Season

September 10th, 2017
We pulled Lucky into the Coquille River RV Park across from Bullard’s State Park. We will be here from Sept 10 – Nov 15th so JP can get his coastal fishing and bird hunting on. I have some fun trips planned too! I’ll be traveling back and forth between the coast and the valley spending time with friends. I have a trip to Calif, a trip to Florence (or 2) and a trip to Reno on the calendar so I’ll be a busy gal until we hit the road again in November. You may see a random post between now and then – but more likely you will be seeing us!

If you have been following luckyontheloose.blog its been nice having you along! I’ll let you know by post on FB when I’m up and blogging again on the next chapter of our adventure. We have an itinerary page on our blog so you can see where we’ve been and where we are headed. See you on the flip side . . .  


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