About the Elk . . .

Nov 29th – Dec 1st 2017

Our first stay was at Elk Country RV Park outside of Trinidad on the northern California coast. Its name says it all! There is a herd of Elk that lives in and around the RV park. JP had to sign a waiver saying we wouldn’t approach them. The flyer (and many posted signs) advise that “The Roosevelt Elk are a WILD herd. Do not approach them as they may charge you unexpectedly”. Didn’t say a thing about photos though!

Its really odd to see them wandering around the trailers and the picnic tables. There are two huge bulls and about 30 elk in the herd. They sleep out in the area behind our trailer but during the day they meander into the park and make themselves right at home!


The town of Trinidad is pretty small (360 residents) but it has a small casino and a replica of the Trinidad Light House with a monument to those lost or buried at sea.

We traveled through McKinleyville, Arcata and Eureka. We only had 2 full days and we managed to fill them right up. We didn’t feel pressed though since we’ve made weekend trips down this way before. Arcata is my favorite though! LOTS of cool quirky stores. I loved Vintage Avengers (artful and vintage and quirky as hell!)





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