Fort Bragg

Dec 2rd – Dec 4th 2017

We have such a short time at each destination that we’ve decided to make this trip a sampler and plan another trip this way somewhere down the line. We’re noting things we would like to come back to and in the meantime making the best of the time we have.

On Saturday spent the evening at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens just south of Fort Bragg. It’s no where near as big as the Shore Acres Christmas Light Show in Coos Bay, but it was lovely. It was sprinkling and cold but they had a nice fire going and sticks with marshmallow were provided.  There was a big warming tent with tables and chairs, baked goods, hot chocolate and hot cider. The best part was the choir! The singers were spread out, some sitting at tables others standing throughout the tent (as well as on the risers) so their voices were all around you. Sort of like a flash mob without the surprise part!

Sunday was cold but clear so we hustled down to the Glass Beach. The wave patterns keep the glass from washing away so the discarded glass that was once disposed of in the water breaks down and is tumbled into smooth colored pieces (some 20-30 years)!  There is a Glass Beach Museum where you can learn about all the colors of glass and where they likely came from. Some of it is pretty rare (think red glass being from car tail lights from pre 1940’s) and some just really cool (think glow in the light green). It was all new to us – and really fun!

We made our way around old town Fort Bragg and checked out the shops and spent some time at the Noyo River Harbour.  JP kept  busy looking over the waterfront and boats and getting the scoop on the fishing.

The little harbor had the most interesting store (it was HUGE) where I spent my time. The owner of Sacred Woods travels to Thailand for part of the year and orders her merchandise from small villages. They custom make what she requests and its shipped via crates at the beginning of June each year. It seemed a very strange location for this amazing collection but that just made it all the more intriguing. It has a massive inventory but is put together so well that it maintains a peaceful and really pleasant experience!

We caught the tail end of both the lighted downtown parade and the lighted boat parade but didn’t manage to get a good view of the GIANT MOON.

Monday we headed down Highway 1. It was  sunny and blue skies but pretty chilly! We stopped at Russian Beach State Park, Mendicino and Little River. 

We also roamed around the Point Cabrillo Light House and grounds. The Light House sits over the little museum and gift shop and the grounds are beautiful.




2 thoughts on “Fort Bragg

  1. Oh boy! Here ya go. On the road again….love your blog….been bEautifully warm here in Az. Randy down with his back sense we left Or. Been to Dr. Nothing to help at this time. Seams to slowly be getting better. Saw the ultrimate xmas lights put up out on the desert. Several acres that you drive thru. Will head to Texas to be there with Marcie and family for holliday then back here to Az by the 6th of January or about. Have at great Christmas with your kids. See ya in January.

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