Trout and Marlene!

July 12th, 2017
Up at 5:30 this morning and headed to the new location. It had rained a little bit last night so there was less of a smoky haze. Our new camp site is dry camping but you can’t beat the location or the view!
JP got a shuttle from a guy at camp so we could drift the river in our pontoons boats. I’m just bait fishing with worms but caught 2 nice trout. In the picture, it looks like I’m pained to have caught one but he was big and struggling to get free and not excited about the photo op!

Holter Catch
Later in the day we went back to Helena to meet up with Marlene. JP had met her on previous trips to Helena when he came with Tim to fish with Marlene’s husband Dennis.  She is also a good friend of my friend Jean! It’s always fun to meet a friend of a good friend. It kinda completes a circle! We went out to lunch and then picked Marlene’s brain on the best routes and fishing for the days ahead. A fun visit all the way around!


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